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Put a Manual in the Chevrolet SS and Car Guys Swoon

In Chevrolet, Make, Sedan by Blaine Traber

Who wouldn’t want to drive the Chevrolet SS to its fullest potential? For many “car guys” (and gals) the answer usually lies in the presence of a manual transmission which was not available for the SS for 2014 causing a lot of rumblings in the car enthusiast community. Not only does the 2015 offer a very nice six speed manual …

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The BMW i8 is One Very Exciting Drive

In BMW, Reviews, Sports Car by Carl Durrek

It seems more now than ever automakers are allowing their design and engineering departments to have at least one model that has every part of it be from the depths of imagination. The BMW i8 seems to be that model for the high-end German automaker that has challenged the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Audi and other luxury car makers for generations. …