04.25.17 - Acura MDX

An MDX with the Hybrid Drive You Want

In Acura by Carl Durrek

The Acura MDX is easily one of the most popular three row luxury SUVs on the market with over 50,000 of them sold each year for the past five years. In order to keep things fresh and to see that more from this SUV can be expected and enjoyed a new hybrid powertrain has been developed that has three electric motors and the 3.0-liter V6 engine. This is a powertrain that gives you the 321 horsepower and 289 lb.-ft. of torque you want but there is a lot more to this SUV than just an efficiency boost.

While the efficiency of the MDX hybrid is much more than you’d ever expect, it wasn’t achieved through your typical methods. These numbers were achieved because the team at Acura took much of the NSX items and used them in this SUV. With this supercar as the basis for a large SUV that offers us more utility and more of what we want, the MDX is an SUV that offers us significant improvements and features to make it a vehicle that’s easy for us to enjoy on the road and have what we want when we drive.

What’s the same between the NSX and MDX? Both of these vehicles use the same motors, battery cells and power control unit. That’s a significant number of parts for these two considering the vast differences between them. One is a supercar with insane power to take you around the track as quick as you can handle the other is a three row family SUV that offers you a great way to drive in luxury. Although these differences are present, the MDX has more in common with its supercar sibling than any other vehicle in the lineup of Acura.

The engine along offers you 257 horsepower and 218 lb.-ft. of torque. The addition of the three electric motors bolsters this number up to what it is when you check out the hybrid powertrain. One motor is in the transmission and the other two help by operating the rear wheels. This provides you with the torque vectoring AWD you want when you’re ready to have a great drive in your SUV. The battery pack to help drive these wheels through the motors is a 1.3-kWh lithium-ion battery pack that gets the job done to help this big luxury brute get itself down the road.

The MDX Sport Hybrid takes all the additions for the 2017 model which include the new “Diamond Pentagon Grill”, a reworked hood, new front fenders, sills that have been changed and the addition of dual exhaust ports in the rear. The Sport Hybrid model rides on standard 20-inch wheels and has LED headlights with automatic high beams, an electronic parking brake, an a capless fuel filler. There are seven colors to choose from for the exterior and the interior can be had in a variety of four different colors that you can choose from to make the MDX look the way you want.

With many of the other hybrid SUVs on the market, some of the cargo space is lost to the hybrid part but not with the Acura MDX. The interior of this SUV is exceptional and attractive while being filled with luxury items you’re going to enjoy on the road. This is one of the most versatile hybrid SUVs you’ll find on the market to give you the ride you want and the equipment that makes a huge difference for you when you’re looking for the cabin that will make it better for you to have the feeling you want when driving.

Adding this to the lineup of MDX gives you another excellent model to enjoy on the road. This new hybrid model will make it easier for you to have the vehicle you’ve been looking for at a price that’s still affordable for you to enjoy to enjoy the ride. The efficiency, pricing, acceleration and drivetrain will give you a vehicle that’s great on the road and offers you a plethora of excellent items in the cabin to be able to have the ride you want and the items that make a difference in the quality of your drive when you choose the Acura MDX Hybrid Sport.