03.29.17 - McLaren 720S

Already; a Bespoke Model; Really?

In McLaren by CQ Livingston

The McLaren 720S is the newest model from this highly regarded brand and it replaces the outgoing 650 S that we’ve loved for many years. This new model made its way across the stage in Geneva so that we can see what this new model has to offer us. This is a car that offers some of the most advanced electronics and a new engine to be powerful enough to offer 720 horsepower and give us a great looking car to drive. This car will certainly make its way to the track and be able to show off on the road as well.

With this brand new model and the trail it left at the Geneva Motor Show not even cold yet, there is already a Bespoke model of this brand new McLaren for us to admire and decide if it’s a model that we want to drive. McLaren Special Operations (MSO) is the customization arm of McLaren and they’ve created at least one more model that has been created to offer us a new look and feel that we can admire. This new Bespoke model made its way to the Geneva Motor Show along with the parent model.

Called the McLaren 720S Velocity this new car offers us a new look with two pearlescent colors of red. One is called Nerello Red and that was used on the front and upper body panels with the rest of the car being painted in Volcano Red. This paint is not the only part of the car that’s new and upgraded to give you more of a bold appearance than the parent model offers. The looks continue with lightweight alloy wheels that are finished in metallic bronze and there are tons of carbon fiber parts that make for a bolder appearance in the car.

The carbon fiber parts that are added to give this car a bolder look include a red carbon fiber hood, a gloss carbon rear deck vent, a gloss carbon service cover, a gloss carbon rear aero bridge and a satin carbon full length sill cover. The inside of this car offers you tons of customization to enjoy as well such as Carbon Black Alcantara trim that’s used throughout the cabin. The exterior color is complimented by the Harissa Red highlights and Harissa Red leather details that are shown inside the car.

This isn’t the only version of the McLaren 720S that has been made as a Bespoke model to give us a new vehicle that we can easily admire. The Velocity model will cost a little over $407,000 and this model was offered to show what MSO can show off for its customers. There are actually five different 720S models that have been created including the Velocity. The other four Bespoke models are the GT, Pacific, Track and Stealth which were being shown on the screen during the show so that the crowd in attendance could see what the new McLaren models had to offer us.

The only real question was whether or not a Bespoke model of the McLaren 720S was necessary at this time? The answer to that question is a resounding “Yes.” With MSO creating five additional models for us to admire and for those who have the cache to buy one of these cars to spend the money and buy this car these new models will be admired and be the right models for us to enjoy and talk about. Now that we see six models of the 720S we’ll certainly enjoy the discussion as we hopefully see some great races with this new McLaren.