02.27.17 - Chevrolet Bolt

There’s No Question We are Bridging a Gap

In Chevrolet by Jesseb Shiloh

For many years the thought of driving an EV model has been considered but often overlooked. Some automakers have broken ground and brought out EV models in some areas to please the government regulatory bodies of those states that ask for them, but for the most part EV models are expensive, offer little range and are somewhat quirky. For the same money you can find an exciting sports car, practical SUV or even a pickup truck that will give you everything you need but it will run on gasoline. That is, until now when we finally have an EV that is the bridging of the gap we’ve been looking for.

The new Chevrolet Bolt EV is the EV we’ve been after for several years and now it’s here with its 238 mile range on a single charge and the price that comes in under $30,000 after the federal tax credit. This car is one that offers us the look and feel we want to have a car that will give us everything we need on the road on a daily basis. When you think about an EV you expect the focus to be on the range and the power delivery, but the Bolt is simply a fun car to drive and one that makes a lot of sense.

The Chevy Bolt isn’t a car that feel cheap in any way. Yes, it’s down market from the Tesla models we currently have, but it comes with quality features, comfortable seating and the tech that we want to enjoy on the road. This is a car that offers you everything you want including a Bose stereo, a Rear Camera Mirror and Wi-Fi in the car from the OnStar system. You’ll love every aspect of the new Bolt and what it stands for when you want a great car to drive.

If you know anything about EV models, you know the power is available right away. The same is the case with the Bolt which gives you 200 horsepower and 266 lb.-ft. of torque. The battery pack is placed in the floor to provide a lower center of gravity that allows you to feel planted to the road and able to handle the ride that you want to enjoy. This car is able to give you the look and feel you want to enjoy it every single time you head out for a great ride.

While there is certainly a challenger on the horizon in the form of the Tesla Model 3, the Bolt is here now and will likely be offered in all 50 states before the Model 3 ever makes it to market. This is a car that brings you the ride you want, plenty of space for you and your passengers and the versatility of a hatchback as it gives you 56.6 cubic feet of cargo space when the rear seats are folded down. This is finally the affordable EV we’ve been looking for.

Imagine, thirty years from now as we look back at the EV lineup of today and consider which car was the most important one offered in 2017, it could very well be the new Chevy Bolt EV. This is a car that’s built to be great for anyone to drive and won’t give you range anxiety because you can head out in the morning with a full charge and know that you have 238 miles of driving ahead of you. This car is impressive and could easily be the one that helps to make EV models the mainstream cars that are part of the future of the automotive marketplace.