11.21.16 - Cadillac Logo

The Brand that Made it into True Artwork

In Cadillac by Nathan Ehinger

During the past several decades one artist has stood out as one that has given us some of the most interesting and singularly poetic artworks. That artist is Andy Warhol and some of his works and personal correspondence have been featured in works of his that have been collected over the time he was alive as items that he shared conversations with some of the most famous people in the world. Those that Warhol would have had correspondence with include Mick Jagger, Yves Saint Laurent and many more and these letters are some of the most unique and interesting ever collected and put on display from an artist.

Because of the recent time that Warhol lived and produced his works there are vehicles that became part of his works. His museum and archive has dug deep to find the right collection of art featuring the different renderings of Cadillac models that Warhol created during his lifetime. Putting these pieces of art on display alongside the letters that have come from some of the secret stashes that were part of what made this artist so unique can allow us to be amazed at the beauty he saw in the Cadillac models as well as be entertained by the other obscure items that have been brought up from down below.

Andy Warhol is an artist that found a way of incorporating the modern age of his time with the feel of the natural landscape of the time as well. This makes for some of the most interesting, attractive and enjoyable pieces of art for you to admire. He uses several different medium to make his work and shows how commerce and art are intertwined in our lives to create the balance of the two worlds that we live in and enjoy.

It makes sense that this collection of art will be on display at the Cadillac headquarters in Manhattan which is the perfect location for it to start considering Warhol spent so much time in New York creating pieces for us to admire. This collection will be called Letters to Andy Warhol and will feature five pieces of artwork that feature Cadillac cars in the work to give us a look at how he saw the brand that he used as his muse for a period of time. The time of the models spans from the 1950s to the 1980s which means you can not only enjoy the art but see the transition of the brand over four decades.

The exhibit will be open seven days a week and will be open to the public free of charge. This will begin on November 15 until December 26 and then move to Los Angeles and then to Miami in February. After a tour around the US, the exhibit will make its way overseas and give the entire world something cool to admire and enjoy from one of the most successful and interesting artists of the modern day.