11.08.16 - 2016 Aston Martin DB9

New Model Year Sees the Deletion of Several Models (Part 1)

In Car News by Rocco Penn

Every year we see some models that are taken away from the lineup that we’ve loved. Either they have had their time and we need to move on or they are being replaced by a completely new model that is the next evolution of the brand. Right now there are twenty models that are significant to the market that are being pushed out of the market after the 2016 models are sold off, and we’re not even talking about the Volkswagen diesel vehicles either. Here are some of the:

Aston Martin DB9 – The DB9 has had a much longer run than most cars are allowed on the market. Unveiled in 2003, this car has given us the sleek and gorgeous style that goes along with the strong V12 engine. For 2016 only the DB9 GT was offered that packed a massive 540 horsepower, but for 2017 this car will be replaced with the larger DB11 which will certainly promise to be the next great version of this car from Aston Martin.

BMW Z4 – The Z4 is the second generation of the modern roadster from BMW. This was the model that replaced the Z3 in 2009 and has had a great run of its own. As an active and enjoyable luxury roadster this car gave us 335 horsepower from the six-cylinder engine and offered us the drive we’ve always wanted to love. The new model will be called the Z5 and has been developed as part of a joint venture with Toyota.

Buick Verano – The Verano will have a limited production run for 2017 and has ended its production as of October for the US market. This small premium car is the answer you want when you want higher quality at a great price in a fuel efficient model. With gas prices dropping like rocks, this car is no longer relevant in our market, but will live on in Buick’s largest market, China.

Cadillac ELR – As a car that was based off the Chevrolet Volt, the ELR never really caught on. It has plenty of great features and a gorgeous style, but for the low power that it offers the price has just been too high for it to be viable in the marketplace. Earlier this year this car ended production as a car that just wasn’t quite what Cadillac had hoped it would be.

Cadillac SRX – Why would any brand replace their best-selling vehicle? This happens because they have something even better that’s a step up from what the current model is. The SRX is an SUV that has been one of the favorites for anyone to drive but the new XT5 model will replace it for the 2017 model year and carry on as the midsized SUV from Cadillac. This naming structure leaves room for the Cadillac SUV lineup to grow.

Chrysler 200 – FCA has chosen to abandon making smaller sedans at all which means the Chrysler 200 is on the chopping block. This car will have a short run of 2017 models that will end their production in December of this year and then it’s gone. The 200 is an enjoyable car to drive, but compared to some of the other compact sedans on the market it’s been a hard sell for FCA, leading to the unfortunately short lifespan of this car.

Chrysler Town & Country – This van receives a replacement that has become the talk of the market, which is certainly high praise for a minivan. The Town & Country is being replaced by the Pacifica and it’s certainly time for this van to make its way out of the market to make room for this new one. The name Town & Country actually dates back to the 1940’s which means it might be back again, but for now it’s off to the junk pile for this van.

Dodge Dart – Very few will lament the deletion of this car. As a small and unfortunately troubled car the Dart hasn’t been a top seller for Dodge at all. You would think a small car with a low price would be one that would catch on easily, but the Dart was not a car that had a strong following and didn’t seem to be advertised well at all either.

Land Rover LR4 – The LR4 did replace the LR3 a few years ago and gave us an upgrade in the suspension and much better overall steering. This SUV won’t be completely gone from the lineup as it is remade and renamed the Discovery, which has been a name in the Land Rover lineup for many years.