06.26.16 - 2016 Chrysler 200

The FCA Focus Could Mean Huge Savings for You

In Car News, Chrysler, Dodge by Carl Durrek

Recently FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne announced the news that the Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200 are going to be discontinued. While we haven’t been given an exact time frame for this to take place the production of both vehicles has slowed to a near standstill and the focus of FCA is moving toward the Jeep and RAM brands which are two of the most profitable brands for the organization. As the shift takes place in the market and by FCA toward SUVs and trucks there is some good news for you if you were looking at either a Chrysler 200 or a Dodge Dart for your next vehicle.

It appears the company is working toward ridding itself of the remaining inventory of both of these vehicles by offering great savings to those who choose to purchase them. Specifically, the Chrysler 200 has started being offered with great discounts on the price of the vehicle. These discounts are dependent upon the region of the country and the trim chosen, but for a vehicle that only costs $22,990 to start with, reducing the price at all seems to be quite a great deal for a car that has the attributes of the 200.

The Chrysler 200 has been the small sedan sibling of the 300 for several years and as such has been a car that many have enjoyed driving. This car offers a performance and driving dynamics that are admirable, but it seems to be heavier than most in its class, which is something FCA has trouble changing. The Dodge Dart is falling to similar fate as a car that doesn’t offer an exciting trim to choose which would compete in the compact sedan market on a more permanent basis. The 200 is showing slowing sales and the Dart has nearly halted sales altogether as both models no longer create any form of a profit for the company.

As for the discounts you can enjoy, in the Southern California area you can save as much as $7,500 on a new Chrysler 200. These deals now offer you as much as $2,000 in retail consumer cash, $2,000 select inventory retail BC, $1,000 in conquest cash and $2,500 for a trade in as retail bonus cash. All this savings will give you a vehicle that offers well over fifteen percent in discounts depending upon the trim level chosen.

The only light that the Dart and 200 could possibly see is if a partner is found that is willing to manufacture these two cars for FCA and make them in a way that puts them to the lead for sales in their respective classes. Until a partner is found FCA will continue to focus their efforts on creating the trucks and SUVs we want to enjoy and leave these two behind in their wake. This spells great savings for you if you happen to want to enjoy either the Dart or 200 as your next great vehicle to drive.