05.05.16 - Ford Headquarters

Ford Headquarters to Become a Mega Campus

In Ford by Carl Durrek

Ford has its headquarters in Dearborn and currently has seventy buildings that house nearly 30,000 employees. While this has worked for many years with the different programs and teams needed to operate such a massive manufacturing process, the new direction of Ford to be an auto and mobility company requires they bring more teams together under one roof to improve the speed of processes and build a highly connected team of automotive professionals. With this change in mind, Ford will transform the facilities into tow massive locations over the next ten years.

These campuses will have walkways, bikeways, outdoor recreation areas and autonomous car shuttles. Taking the team from being spread out across the many buildings down to just two locations is meant to bring everyone together and help improve the lives of the employees, especially during working hours. This massive project is expected to take nearly ten years to complete and will begin soon to bring about the change needed and the transformation from a company that has been around for the past century into one that is able to be a company of the future, which Ford feels it needs to be in order to sustain the growth and profitability they need and desire.

The first part of the project will be the product campus which will take the current Research and Engineering Center and renovate it to fit nearly 12,000 more employees. This will be where a brand new 700,000 square foot Design Center will be located which will have the Design Showroom that will be used for special event and visits. Also housed in this building will be the Ford Smart Mobility solutions center which will have the autonomous car shuttles and eBikes to give employees transportation they can see themselves using outside of the campus in the future.

Outside of the building will be a green area that offers walking trails and bike paths for employees to enjoy the fresh air and room to think. the wireless connectivity of the entire campus is expected to be ten times faster than it currently is to ensure all who need to stay connected can do so at instant speeds. This green area will be more than just a color green as there will be geothermal heating and cooling used as well as rainwater capture and use to help make this campus as self-sustaining as possible.

The other area that is being improved is the World Headquarters which will also have plenty of green spaces and a modern café, softball fields, soccer fields and the new Ford Credit facility next door. By 2026 we should see a complete change in the look of the Dearborn headquarters of Ford with the more than 7.5 million square feet of workspace that will be completely rebuilt. This is the vision Ford has for the future and it seems that it will be a campus that might make some Silicon Valley tech companies green with envy.