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As Summer Comes to a Close, Cars for Your Students

In Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Kia, Mazda, Mini, Nissan, Scion, Subaru by Blaine Traber

What do you think you should give your college student as they head off to school?  If you want them to be able to visit you on weekends and during holidays you will want to give them a car that can get them back and forth so you can see them as much as possible.  This means giving them a car that is easy on gas, comes at a price you can afford, and offers them some fun while being very practical and kind to your insurance premiums.  In short you need a car that has some great qualities but doesn’t tip the adrenaline scales too much, here are ten to consider.

Mini Hardtop 2 DoorAttractive in a classic style and funky in its looks, the Mini Hardtop will get your student imagining taking some friends out for a ride.  This little car offers some good space and gives your new deep thinker gas mileage that even they will appreciate at 29 city/40 hwy mpg.

Subaru ImprezaThe Impreza has a reputation with the younger crowds for being a great car and with standard AWD you should really enjoy the fact your offspring will like it too.  As a nice sized sedan the Impreza is a car that will offer your student many days of joyful driving.

Ford FiestaOne of the least expensive cars on the market today the Fiesta is sporty in its appearance and offers some great space for your student and their friends to ride along.  Let them enjoy a car that has an energetic power plant and the fuel mileage needed at 28 city/37 hwy mpg.

Chevrolet ColoradoThis midsized truck will make your day and theirs.  With great space in the back for all their stuff and a drive that is smooth and controlled the Colorado will be the truck they take to the lake in between visits back home where they will get the chance to don you with their laundry.

Scion iMNew in the lineup this year, this small hatchback is active and dynamic.  The function is well placed with controls that are easy to enjoy along with the easy driving and the great fuel mileage that make this a hatchback that will be used for more than just trips home to see you.

Nissan Versa NoteThis is a cute little hatchback that can be the right choice for your student to have a car that is easy to park and locate where you will keep this car.  For some college towns the roads are cramped for space, making this the choice you want to allow your student to find parking everywhere.

Honda HR-VA very small SUV is the choice to make as this vehicle is the smallest in the lineup and gives your student the fuel mileage desired at 28 city /35 hwy mpg and comes in a very attractive shape and style in order to be a good looking vehicle inside and out.

Mazda 3The small sedan allows your student to have a very peppy engine and the benefit of 30 city/41 hwy mpg.  With curves and angles that make some of the most attractive shapes for any car the Mazda 3 is a safe and secure car that will let your student come see you often.

Kia SoulIf you want to see a fun and funky shape, this is the vehicle that has the shape you want.  The Soul is also a small hatchback/SUV combination that shows itself to be a great car for a student to drive and be able to fit odd items in and bring them back to the dorm room to be new decoration.

Honda FitThe Honda Fit is small enough in price and size to be enjoyable for you and make it so you don’t feel like you are paying too much.  At the same time it gives your student 33 city/41 hwy mpg to take full advantage of and drive.  With this size, they will find parking easy, especially in your driveway.

These ten cars will have your new college student off and running on the right foot as they enjoy the pleasure of having their own cars to be able to come and see you whenever they can or to be able to head out to various locations around the campus and town to some of the best spots to enjoy some fun with their friends.