2016 Cadillac CT6

Big, Bold and Awesome. The 2016 Cadillac CT6.

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What is one of the singular things that could actually cause the engineers at BMW and Mercedes-Benz to have nightmares (along with all the other luxury car makers of course)? The answer simply is an entire new lineup from Cadillac starting in 2016. While this may give nightmares to the other luxury automakers, for those of us who might be looking to buy a new Cadillac, the idea of the advanced technology and amazing features will only make for an even more enticing purchase, knowing the Cadillac purchased is at the head of the class for looks, comfort, performance and advancements.

The new CT6 that will arrive for the 2016 model year is one such car. The car will come in with a long wheel base that is nearly eight inches longer than the CTS, but shows up at less than 3700 pounds, which doesn’t seem likely at all. Another claim to fame for this brand new model a stiffer chassis than some of the smaller competitors including the BMW 5-Series and Audi A6, giving you a much better and more controlled ride than those others. The weight loss or savings (however you want to look at it) was the result of aluminum being used for all the metal exterior body panels and structural casings giving the car an overall loss in weight of 218 pounds.

Another very cool part of the CT6 is the use of the new Omega platform. This will be the first car that will do just that and enjoy the added length to the wheelbase over the CTS. Add the Magnetic Ride Control that has become a staple of the Cadillac lineup and the Active Chassis System with rear steering and the CT6 is a car that will keep you smiling from the day you drive it home the first time on through the last drive before you trade it up for another model.

We can’t discuss a great car without talking turkey; aka the engine. For this lineup the base engine is a 2.0-liter turbo inline four-cylinder engine that brings in 265 horsepower. Next are a 3.6-liter naturally aspirated V6 with 335 horsepower and a 3.0 turbocharged V6 that offers up 400 horsepower. Pulling this much power from these three engines left no need to have V8 in the lineup at all. All three of these highly prolific engines will be attached to an eight-speed automatic transmission. The four banger will be the only rear-wheel drive model the sixers having a new highly active all-wheel drive system to give forty percent of the power to the front under normal driving but a 50/50 split in the winder mode along with a sport mode that puts seventy percent to the rear. Even though the initial lineup will not have a V8, Johan de Nysschen has already stated there will be a V8 in the lineup in the future.

We’ve discussed the power, performance, weight and size of the new CT6, but there is much more to look at. With a price that will head north of $70,000 in a hurry, the CT6 must have everything that is needed to make it a phenomenal luxury sedan. This includes a 360-degree view camera system that shows up on the updated CUE infotainment system which has a 10.2-inch touch screen. There is a handwriting recognition system to help control this system which is in front of the driver’s armrest. The camera system allows recording of the front and rear views while driving when the security system is triggered.

The rearview mirror features a video feed that shows a full field of view from the rear view allowing a completely unobstructed view of what is happening behind the car. If these screens aren’t enough, there are two ten-inch screens that come out of the front headrests in order to entertain the rear seat passengers. The rear seats also offer chairs that recline, offer lumbar support, as well as massaging and heating and cooling functions. Keeping the rear passengers connected is also important with HDMI and USB ports to allow connection and controls with controls in the armrests.

The Quad zone climate control allows every passenger to control their own temperature settings and be comfortable regardless of the seat they are in. If all this isn’t enough for you, the Bose Panaray stereo system offers 34 speakers to give a concert quality sound experience. Finally, the connectivity of the 4G LET Wi-Fi helps keep everyone happily updating their social media during the ride in your new Cadillac.

Of course there is a full menu of driver assistance features including active parking, pedestrian alerts, and heat-signature enhanced night vision. With these additional features aboard all passengers can feel safe and secure as you utilize the benefits of these assistance items and take care of those riding along with you.

The new CT6 offers a look that resembles the CTS in an even better style and performance that the much loved sedan. This design takes the vertical running lamp from the CTS along with the body structure and overall look of the car. Why shouldn’t the CT6 resemble the CTS? Right now the CTS is at the top of the lineup structure so offering a car that is longer and looks as awesome is probably one of the most intelligent marketing moves that could be made by Cadillac.

The CT6 is certainly a very exciting offering from Cadillac that makes a great choice for a new car. As a new member to the already high quality luxury lineup, the CT6 gives us a glimpse at what will be one of the most exciting lines of cars for the next several years. This lineup will certainly continue to make other car manufacturers shake and have nightly terrors when they see what Cadillac is coming up with to continually take a huge part of the market share from them. When looking for a new Cadillac, take a look at the CT6 for your next choice and enjoy the awesome ride and fantastic features it has to offer you.