2017 Acura NSX Type-R

Waiting is Often Difficult

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As a child waiting for your birthday or Christmas, especially as it drew nearer was close to torture. Waiting for dessert was not quite as bad but still required some patience and if you were one of the lucky souls who planted a garden or tended fields you learned at an early age to wait things out and be patient. It appears Honda/Acura is asking the world to show the same kind of patience as they tend to their proverbial garden to bring in a car that is worth of the badges they plan to adorn it with.

This car that we have to wait so long for is the Acura NSX Type-R which is expected to be part of the 2017 model year. This car will add some awesome aerodynamics to the NSX along with some racing seats and adding 20-30 horsepower from the electric assistance that will be found. Overall this should give the car a better profit margin for Acura, a larger price tag for you to pay, and one heck of a fantastic car to drive all over the road and, when taken to the track, have the ability to take on several challengers and come out on top.

Unfortunately Acura has experienced sluggish sales in the past few years due to design flaws that were found to be less than appealing to a large group of shoppers. This point is important for any automaker to take note of because having a lineup of cars that has the same look across the board, especially if it’s a drastic change from previous looks, will certainly turn off at least one audience and send them running to another automaker. This design issue has since been corrected and Acura/Honda is hoping to ride the NSX to future success.

Another drawback, and one that is somewhat self-inflicted, is the history of Honda to take longer than just about every other automaker to debut a car. The NSX which is expected to be ready for the 2016 model year is still in testing phases and has not headed to production as of yet. This could cause serious delays that mean we won’t see the NSX until very late in 2016 if we see the car at all. On a positive note, the NSX has performed much better in testing than it had previously giving some hope to a sooner production date.

The NSX Type-R may be the right car to ride into the throngs of positive profits and a way to get out of the red for Honda/Acura. Having the SH-AWD aboard will make the car so good at handling it may send others back to their drawing boards to figure out how to make their cars handle as well, but if Acura doesn’t get this model off and running sometime soon they just might have to redesign as well because someone will surely have the next great advancement just like carbon-fiber and the KERS system have done for other recent models.