Ducati Monster 1200

A Rider Friendly Power Horse from Ducati

In Car News, Motorcycle, Racing, Style by CQ Livingston

As a long time trusted and revered name in motorcycle design and performance Ducati has a history of making some of the most sought after and marveled at motorcycles the world has seen. Only rivaled in success by Harley-Davidson, Ducati offers speed and performance in its creations on a regular basis to the point many riders one at least one bike from both highly touted manufacturers in their garage. With that in mind Ducati has created a motorcycle that is worthy of the most experienced riders but is also a great choice for novices who want to experience a great amount of power but understand their experience is lacking.

The Ducati Monster 1200 offers rider the quality, durability and aggression that have become synonymous with the Ducati name. The have trimmed down this motorcycle, knowing the engine would be a 1200cc beast (actually 1198) in order to make the motorcycle easier for every rider to control on the road. This was done by making it a “naked” bike which means it has a highly detailed profile to allow onlookers to marvel at the amazing detail and workmanship that only Ducati can offer. The name given to this bike, Monster, tells all by letting us know this is a motorcycle worthy of the name with the beastly 1200cc engine aboard.

Knowing many riders shy away from a 1200 when their experience is lacking Ducati aimed to offer a motorcycle that is intuitive, comfortable and rider friendly and they hit the nail right on the head with the Monster. The massive power comes from the 1198cc V-twin Testastretta 11 degree Dual Spark engine which has been used on other models and tested to be perfect for this job as well. The top speed comes in at 140mph, more than enough for all riders to fully enjoy the ride on this amazing motorcycle. The secret to the performance of this model is the 4,500 rpms that can be run and still enjoy most of the torque offered, allowing for great power at not out of control revolutions.

The Monster offers riders three different riding modes; urban, sport and touring to have the most enjoyable ride for their style possible. In urban mode the horsepower is limited to 100 while the other two will go as high as 135. The touring mode is the least aggressive, making this the best mode for inexperienced riders to enjoy. Modes can be changed on the fly and each mode also adjusts the ABS and traction control making it perform correctly for the mode chosen. This change is made easily with a simply button push on the left handlebar, making it one of the easiest functions of the bike.

Along with being a motorcycle built for all riders the seat is adjustable and the setup is made to let riders feel as if they are attached to the road itself. With so many parts and functions made for the novice and the expert rider, the Ducati Monster 1200 is a great choice for anyone who admires this style of motorcycle and wants a powerful machine that is built to ride hard and fast or cruise nice and easy to give you the feeling you are looking for from your motorcycle.