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The Secret is Out

In Green Cars by Lauren Gailli

Are there actual secrets that are kept in the automotive industry? Of course there are. Many of the secrets that are kept come in the form of veiled information until finalization of a decision or approval of the product or agreement between two companies. The most recent secret that’s been kept is by Nikola Motor which gave us a bit …

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2016 Chevrolet Volt: Welcoming a New Generation

In Chevrolet, Green Cars, Make, Style by CQ Livingston

When you want more range from a single charge and tank of gas, the new Chevrolet Volt is the right choice for you.  With more efficiency and a better suspension, the Volt is an all-new car which makes it easy to enjoy driving a green car that saves money on gas.  Even though gas prices have dropped dramatically we all …

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Excess to Sensibility

In Car News, Ferrari, Green Cars, Sports Car by Nathan Ehinger

Most automakers are working toward models that offer lower emissions and as close to no emissions as possible.  That is of course, at least you might think, most except those that are developing the dream exotics that we all love and admire.  Are there exotic car makers that are working on cars that offer lower emissions but still some great …