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Is Any Old Car Worth Saving

In Classic, Toyota by CQ Livingston

In a world where it feels like nearly every single car that we see on the market is built with a similar style because of the advanced aerodynamics and research dictate a specific style and build it might be time to engage in a little nostalgia. When you think about one of the first cars that you drove when you …

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Crossover SUVs that Took the Stage

In SUV by Nathan Ehinger

With the New York Auto Show in our recent rearview mirror this show gave us a look at a large number of new models that will be amazing for us to drive. Some of these vehicles were concept models that need to eventually make it to the production line and others are production ready reveals that we’ll enjoy on the …

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Choosing Your Muscle Can be Difficult

In Muscle by Lauren Gailli

American muscle cars have been around ever since we figured out how to put more power to the wheels and make them spin nearly out of control. These cars gives us the exuberance we want and the power we crave to put that churning of the engine through our bones just before we drop the hammer and take off. The …

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The Secret is Out

In Green Cars by Lauren Gailli

Are there actual secrets that are kept in the automotive industry? Of course there are. Many of the secrets that are kept come in the form of veiled information until finalization of a decision or approval of the product or agreement between two companies. The most recent secret that’s been kept is by Nikola Motor which gave us a bit …

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An Inexpensive Way to Get into Serious Racing

In Supercar by Blaine Traber

When you think about racing teams you know the cars they run typically cost them in the millions of dollars to purchase or build. Especially in the racing series that make the most money such as Formula One and NASCAR, these cars are specially designed and tuned to try and give the driver every advantage they can find. Of course …

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The New Wagon from the Only Name in Wagons

In Volvo, Wagon by CQ Livingston

With nearly every other automaker leaving wagons behind in favor of the sedan and small SUVs, Volvo continues to build wagons and is even planning to offer us one that looks like it will certainly offer the style and features we want. What Volvo used to offer us for wagons they n no longer include.  Does that mean that we …

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The Performance Lexus: 2016 Lexus RC

In Lexus, Sports Car by Rocco Penn

Normally when you think of the Lexus name to be a performance player that comes with the moniker of “F” at the end of the name, but the RC is a bit different.  While most of the F models are similar to what you see from BMW as the M models and from Mercedes-Benz as the AMG versions, with the …

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2016 Chevrolet Volt: Welcoming a New Generation

In Chevrolet, Green Cars, Make, Style by CQ Livingston

When you want more range from a single charge and tank of gas, the new Chevrolet Volt is the right choice for you.  With more efficiency and a better suspension, the Volt is an all-new car which makes it easy to enjoy driving a green car that saves money on gas.  Even though gas prices have dropped dramatically we all …

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Has Hyundai Gone Hellcat?

In Car News, Hyundai, Sports Car by Carl Durrek

We know the Hellcat twins to be 707 horsepower monsters that offer massive straight line power under the hood of two classically styled cars that come right out of the muscle car era.  In the style of many other manufacturers Dodge is not the only one that wants to play in this realm but the surprise may be the name …

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What Should You Know About the New Porsche 911 for 2017

In Car News, Luxury, Porsche by CQ Livingston

This new Porsche is one of the first that is fully turbocharged and gives us plenty of great things to talk about.  As one of the most lauded names in the industry for several decades the Porsche 911 offers us a car that carries on the grand tradition of being one of the most well-built and dynamic vehicles on the …