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A Harder Stance on Automation

In Tesla by CQ Livingston

The idea that machines can eventually do nearly everything for us is a bit scary. There was time in human existence you were going to receive enough exercise throughout the day to stay fit and trim but today we exercise for recreation and for many of us, to fight the midsection bulge that comes as a result of invention and …

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You have to Spend Money to Make Money

In Tesla by Nathan Ehinger

That’s how the old saying goes and it’s true in nearly every industry. In order to offer a product to the world that will be followed, purchased and talked about in a variety of ways you need to spend some money in order to rebuild the capital spent and eventually turn a profit.

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The Back and Forth of the Tesla Model 3

In Tesla by Rocco Penn

Whenever an automaker presents us with a new and exciting model we expect them to be able to make good on all they are offering on stage. Because of this, experienced CEOs have learned not to promise more than they know for sure will be included with a vehicle. Because Elon Musk is a bit of a new car company …

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Tesla is Still Working on Doors

In Tesla by Blaine Traber

The Model X has been nothing short of a nightmare for Tesla CEO Elon Musk. He has put his office and a sleeping bag in an area just beyond the production line of the Model X, he has personally answered and responded to many of the complaints for this vehicle that have come in and he has continued to be …

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How Do You Charge Your Tesla?

In Technology, Tesla by Blaine Traber

Tesla motors has been at the forefront of the electrically powered vehicle evolution bringing us a lineup of cars that are all powered only by electricity and give a large range of that power.  With this range you can easily make it up to 200 miles each day after a full overnight charging is completed.  As Tesla continues to find …