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2017 Ford Flex: An Everything Vehicle You Didn’t Know Existed

In Ford by Blaine Traber

Do you know about the Ford Flex? Don’t feel bad if you don’t, this is a vehicle that hasn’t been as popular as many other Ford vehicles, but it certainly offers you what you’ll want in a great vehicle that can be the ride drive for you. The Ford Flex is what you get when you combine a station wagon, …

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Jeep is Doing the Production Shuffle

In Jeep by Nathan Ehinger

Jeep continues to be a brand that we trust and know as the most admirable off road brand in the industry but it’s about to undergo some major changes. This brand will have ten assembly plants in place in six countries once the new small one is built in India and starts to build vehicles in May of this year. …

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The Volkswagen Success Reaches Other Companies

In Volkswagen by Carl Durrek

The need for outside companies to help build parts and features for vehicles is evident in the automotive world. Some companies only build a few components while others help with a variety of items. The fact that several companies come together to create a vehicle that has the right look, feel, technology and safety is impressive in its own right. …

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2017 Infiniti Q50: Luxury Fun with Youthful Exuberance

In Infiniti by CQ Livingston

When you want a car that offers you impressive features and the drive that will make a huge difference for you the Infiniti Q50 can be one of the most impressive choices you can make. The Q50 is a car that’s full of impressive power as it rides on a highly engineered suspension that can make it work through the …

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The Chevy Bolt Could Outsell Tesla by Itself

In Chevrolet by Blaine Traber

Like it or not the pressure has been on for Tesla to step up and begin the mass production it’s promised for the new Model 3 that’s on the way. This new car is expected to be the low priced EV from the automaker that has only previously made luxury EV models and a roadster to give us three models …

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Top Models Being Tested Together

In Chevrolet by CQ Livingston

There are about to be two very different but also very similar top models in the Chevrolet lineup. These both will carry the name we’ve come to love of Corvette, but both are different in many ways while enjoying the benefits of the performance that we want our cars to have, especially those that are made to be the leaders …

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2017 Smart Fortwo: Cute and Fun

In Smart by Jesseb Shiloh

When you buy a small car in the micro class where the Smart Fortwo is positioned you want to have more than just a shell on wheels. Many times we buy these micro cars to have the best fuel mileage, to get us to and from our workplace in the city, to have an easy vehicle that can practically be …

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2017 GMC Canyon: Midsized with Full Size Capability

In GMC by Carl Durrek

The balance of needs when it comes to a pickup truck often becomes the challenge of having to choose between desires. Can you have a pickup truck with the capability you want but also have the fuel efficiency that keeps the cost down? Can you have the smaller and more efficient engine with enough power to get the job done? …

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Forget What You Thought About the Buick LaCrosse

In Buick by CQ Livingston

If you thought the Buick LaCrosse was the simple replacement for the land yachts of old that Buick used to trot out every year; think again. If you feel that the LaCrosse is a way to keep the older generations happy with the Buick brand; think again. If you felt like the LaCrosse as sluggish, slow and lacking in the …

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How do You Use Facebook Messenger?

In Kia by Nathan Ehinger

For many of us the use of Facebook Messenger and the features it has to offer is simply an alternative to normal texting while connecting to those you have on Facebook. This system makes it easy to connect with the world in a text fashion, even when you don’t have the phone number of the person you want to send …