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And You Thought They Would Go Out of Business

In Mitsubishi by CQ Livingston

When you hear the Mitsubishi name in the US your eyes will probably immediately roll. The thought of wondering if they still make cars and how they manage to stay in business comes to mind. You might even have thoughts about the fuel mileage scandal that cost this brand a ton of money and forced them to sell a controlling …

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2017 Mitsubishi i-MiEV: An Affordable Electric City Car

In Mitsubishi by Jesseb Shiloh

The challenges facing the automotive industry when it comes to the EV movement are twofold. The first part is to make cars that offer similar ranges to the gasoline models and the second is to do this at an affordable price. If you are someone who spends all their time in the city and you don’t want to rely on …

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Best/Worst Cars from this Past Year

In BMW, Hyundai, Lexus, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Scion by Blaine Traber

In this day and age there aren’t any cars that are actually bad cars, but some just rage much lower than the rest.  Most cars today have a nice feel to them and drive really well along with giving you some great fuel mileage.  Overall, with the added technology that has been put into vehicles today we have the ability …

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When You Need Three Rows

In Dodge, Ford, Honda, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota by CQ Livingston

Most of us are not going to buy a vehicle with three rows of seats unless they need them.  Especially in world where larger vehicles are becoming less popular unless they are completely required.  The third row of seats means you have more wheelbase length, possibly less elbow room and in many SUVs a lot less cargo space.  These vehicles …

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Mitsubishi Putting High Hopes into 2016 Outlander

In Dealers, Make, Mitsubishi, Style, SUV by Rocco Penn

Mitsubishi is back. Anyone who thought they were on their death bed a few years ago can look at recent sales and realize that reports of the Japanese automaker’s demise were greatly exaggerated. Now, they hope to expand on their recent success with a big push for the new 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander. This represents the latest in a series of …