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The 2016s are Coming

In Car News, Hyundai, Jaguar by Blaine Traber

You can feel it in the air.  The sights, the smells, the feelings all for the new model year to get going and bring us a menu of awesome new vehicles for the purpose of enticing our senses and giving us new technologies to enjoy.  This new year is expected to be better than any before as many automakers are …

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The Road Assisting Technology

In Car News, Jaguar, Land Rover, Make, Subaru, Volvo by Sara Dean

Potholes, ice, moisture, slick spots and more make it difficult to drive when they are present in great numbers.  Each spring we spend a large sum of money to have tires and rim replaced that are damaged by potholes that have developed over the winter months in our roadways.  In order to help alleviate some of this car companies have …

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Highest Priced Luxury Vehicles for 2015 (Part 1)

In Aston Martin, Audi, Car News, Jaguar, Luxury, Make, Nissan, Style by CQ Livingston

When luxury vehicles are spoken of, thoughts head to high end leather seating, dual or tri-zone climate controls, outstanding safety features, and an amazing amount of power and precision. If money where not a consideration, what luxury vehicles would be chosen to offer any owner the highest level of luxury features and equipment as well as the most driving excitement …