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Drive the Car You Want When You Need To

In General Motors by Carl Durrek

Is it important to you that you own a car? Some of us don’t really need the responsibility or cost of owning a car full time, but have lifestyles that require us to leave our car parked for many days or even weeks at a time, when means it’s not at all important to own a vehicle all the time. …

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Chrysler Leads Domestic Brands with March Gains

In Car News, Chrysler, Dealers, Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, Jeep, Make, Subaru, Toyota by Rocco Penn

Ford and General Motors posted their first “bad” news in a while in March. Fiat Chrysler continued its growth, continuing its streak of consecutive months with year-over-year sales gains to 60. It’s been a good five years for the automaker. Still, their gains were disappointing at 1.7% compared to imports like Hyundai (11.9%), Subaru (10.4%) and Toyota (4.4%).