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How Can You Transform a Minivan?

In Chrysler by Jesseb Shiloh

The minivan model that has been around since the 1980s is one that hasn’t gotten enough praise from the automotive industry. These people movers have always been geared toward the family and moving everyone from one place to another only to be surpassed by the SUVs of today. The admiration of the minivan model should be one that shows us …

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Did Another Company Cheat on Emissions?

In Chrysler, Fiat by Nathan Ehinger

Let’s face the fact that until September of 2015 the EPA provided what amounted to an open book test when it came to emissions testing. Vehicles were tested under only specific conditions and when hooked up to particular machinery, which means any company that could create a device that would turn on all the emissions control systems during testing but …

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The FCA Focus Could Mean Huge Savings for You

In Car News, Chrysler, Dodge by Carl Durrek

Recently FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne announced the news that the Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200 are going to be discontinued. While we haven’t been given an exact time frame for this to take place the production of both vehicles has slowed to a near standstill and the focus of FCA is moving toward the Jeep and RAM brands which are …

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Sometimes it Just Aint Right

In Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford by Jesseb Shiloh

Car designers have a specialized and very difficult job.  They have to come up with ideas for vehicles that will make sense on the market and sell well.  this can be as simple as redesigning the cargo areas of a vehicle be as dynamic as creating the front end of a super exotic sports car that will be the next …

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Chrysler Leads Domestic Brands with March Gains

In Car News, Chrysler, Dealers, Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, Jeep, Make, Subaru, Toyota by Rocco Penn

Ford and General Motors posted their first “bad” news in a while in March. Fiat Chrysler continued its growth, continuing its streak of consecutive months with year-over-year sales gains to 60. It’s been a good five years for the automaker. Still, their gains were disappointing at 1.7% compared to imports like Hyundai (11.9%), Subaru (10.4%) and Toyota (4.4%).