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Sometimes it Just Aint Right

In Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford by Jesseb Shiloh

Car designers have a specialized and very difficult job.  They have to come up with ideas for vehicles that will make sense on the market and sell well.  this can be as simple as redesigning the cargo areas of a vehicle be as dynamic as creating the front end of a super exotic sports car that will be the next …

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What is the Best Pickup Truck?

In Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Nissan, Ram, Toyota by Nathan Ehinger

Pickups offer an interesting segment of the automotive world.  In the US this segment can be the top seller for a manufacturer and cause so many to continue to try and outdo the others.  Most truck buyers stick with a particular brand once they have the brand they know they can and will trust for a longer time.  Each year …

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A True Driver Test Monitor, the Corvette Performance Data Recorder

In Chevrolet by Carl Durrek

Owners of high powered sports cars often are compared to fishermen with their tall tales of performance and driving abilities that can be spun in a variety of ways.  Until recently there wasn’t much of anything to show a driver how they really had performed on the road or on the track and they could tell what they wanted to …

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2016 Chevrolet Volt: Welcoming a New Generation

In Chevrolet, Green Cars, Make, Style by CQ Livingston

When you want more range from a single charge and tank of gas, the new Chevrolet Volt is the right choice for you.  With more efficiency and a better suspension, the Volt is an all-new car which makes it easy to enjoy driving a green car that saves money on gas.  Even though gas prices have dropped dramatically we all …

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Holden, GM and HSV; Together Awesomeness is Made

In Car News, Chevrolet, Offbeat by Nathan Ehinger

Holden is the producer of the Commodore and the Chevrolet SS both of which are gorgeous high powered sedans that give you a lot more than you would expect from a family vehicle.  I have often spoken highly of the SS and shared my wished that Holden would not close shop in 2017 but would instead be allowed to continue …

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2016 Chevrolet Corvette: Still an American Icon

In Chevrolet, Sports Car by CQ Livingston

The Corvette may not be the most powerful sports car on the road today but it’s the best one America has to offer and it does certainly take the cake with many rivals.  First the Corvette is much less expensive than the European offerings but comes in with as much or more power.  Its dynamic handling, amazing suspension and livable …

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Fighting the Good Fight to See Mad Max

In Car News, Chevrolet, Make by CQ Livingston

So many of us have some fun hobbies and take some cues from our work to enjoy life and be the people we want to be.  Whether that person is a full-fledged nerd who loves science fiction or are a sports junkie, it can be fun to immerse yourself in your favorite activities and follow along with admiration what is …