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A Luxury Competition

In Cadillac, Genesis by Carl Durrek

When it comes to luxury there is one name that has been around longer than any other; Cadillac. This long standing brand has had its ups and downs and is certain in the midst of a great upturn to give you a menu of vehicles that are seriously special. The fact that Cadillac has been around so long doesn’t meant …

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The Brand that Made it into True Artwork

In Cadillac by Nathan Ehinger

During the past several decades one artist has stood out as one that has given us some of the most interesting and singularly poetic artworks. That artist is Andy Warhol and some of his works and personal correspondence have been featured in works of his that have been collected over the time he was alive as items that he shared …

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This Car Might not be a Production Car

In Cadillac by Jesseb Shiloh

At Pebble Beach Cadillac unveiled their new concept car called the Escala. This car is one that looks like it could be put into production right away, but it seems to be more likely to serve as the inspiration for several new luxury models from Cadillac that will top the CT6 in the lineup rather than take on the BMW …

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The New Cadillac Land Yacht that Isn’t a Flagship

In Cadillac by Carl Durrek

Have you heard of the new Cadillac CT6? This is a new large sedan from Cadillac that offers those of us who have enjoyed the large sedans of old a big car that should be the top of the lineup, the halo car, the flagship sedan. While it seems Cadillac has deemed calling this car a flagship as akin to …

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Sometimes it Just Aint Right

In Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford by Jesseb Shiloh

Car designers have a specialized and very difficult job.  They have to come up with ideas for vehicles that will make sense on the market and sell well.  this can be as simple as redesigning the cargo areas of a vehicle be as dynamic as creating the front end of a super exotic sports car that will be the next …

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Some of the Hits at the LA Auto Show

In Alfa Romeo, Buick, Cadillac, Fiat, GMC, Honda, Infiniti, Kia, Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes, Nissan, Porsche, Scion, Subaru, Volkswagen by Blaine Traber

Many times car shows offer us a look at vehicles that might be far-fetched ideas and simply present a possibility regarding the vehicle lineup, but at a glance you can tell the car will never make it to production.  The LA Auto Show this year showed us something very different in the fact that nearly every car unveiled was production …

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2016 Cadillac Escalade: The Luxury Presence We Admire

In Cadillac by Blaine Traber

The Cadillac Escalade has been a status symbol of success and excellence that has been the vehicle many celebrities have used to arrive at a variety of events and shows over the years.  This is the vehicle made to be an awesome luxury SUV that offers the power and size you want to arrive at a high class affair in …