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Add This to the Recall List

In Ford, Safety by CQ Livingston

The list of vehicles being recalled for a variety of safety issues continues to grow as Ford announces a new recall that will affect more than 8,500 vehicles. While this does sound like a small number considering the massive number of vehicles that have been recalled due to the air bag issue, these recalls are safety related and need to …

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Bringing Down the Death Total

In Safety by Blaine Traber

Roadway deaths seem to be entirely preventable. Unless as car has completely gone out of control on its own, the owner of a vehicle is completely responsible for what that car does when driven. The same goes for pedestrians as the cross into roadways and the responsibility to observe and be aware of their surroundings. The fact that more of …

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Crash Avoidance Technology To Become Standard Equipment?

In Car News, Safety, Technology by Admin

Safety is on the minds of everyone, but especially auto manufacturers. Car companies like Honda and Chevrolet have come a long way on vehicle safety with airbags, seat belts, and back up cameras. They have more recently added lane departure warning, lane change assist, forward collision alert, and even brake assist in order to reduce and eliminate accidents on the …

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Car Ownership: Mistakes to Avoid

In Car News, Dealers, Safety, Technology by Sara Dean

 For most of us our cars are the second most expensive item we own. This should make it one of the most important to maintain properly, but all too often many of us put off the necessary maintenance because of the inconvenience that would be encountered when addressing maintenance needs. Certainly none of us wants to be stuck on the …

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Feature Highlight: Rear Parking Assist

In Car News, Safety, Technology by Blaine Traber

How bad would you feel if you were backing your vehicle up and hit a child? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) over 6,000 people are injured by vehicles when they are backing up and of these more than 2,400 are children. As a response to this and to increase the safety of vehicles Rear Parking Assist …