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Living a Childhood Dream

In Car News, Offbeat by Carl Durrek

When you were a kid, and maybe even now did you ever think you might be able to take a ride in a tank someday.  As it turns out you don’t have to join the military and don’t have to be part of a tank team in order to ride in a tank, you just have to have the right …

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Sharing is Caring

In Car News, Nissan by Rocco Penn

When we see a car company that we are familiar with release a car that is ultra-cool in other countries we immediately want to have it here in the US.  Whether it’s because we are selfish and think we should have the best of everything or because we know how well the model might do in the US is an …

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Rumors Everywhere

In Car News, Porsche by Blaine Traber

When a rumor arises in the automotive world it tends to have some truth to it.  Even if the car company that is the subject of the rumor is unable or unwilling to validate the information many times a rumor can be created because of some tidbit of information which eventually shows us that the rumor in fact was truth.  …

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Road Trip in a Beautiful State

In Car News, Offbeat by Nathan Ehinger

As we discuss vehicles on a regular basis we talk about getting away, going to a faraway place and enjoying a drive that is scenic and offers some of the perfect views for us to enjoy.  When we think of this we simply look toward a cross country tour at times which might allow us stretch out, but the reality …

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Let’s Talk Prius

In Car News, Toyota by CQ Livingston

Can you imagine a car that garners more attention that isn’t a sports car; I sure can’t.  The Toyota Prius has been a cash machine for Toyota for many years because of the advanced hybrid technology that it employs.  When Toyota announced they were going to give us a new Prius for 2016 most were excited by the prospect but …

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2016 Hyundai Accent: Value at the Right Price

In Car News, Hyundai by Carl Durrek

When looking for a vehicle in the low teens for price you have a variety of choices but most of them do not have the features or the warrant the Hyundai Accent offers.  With the standard powertrain warranty from Hyundai of 10 years/100,000 miles this car is hard to beat.  As a vehicle that now feels much more substantial than …

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Looking at a Couple of Crossovers Together

In Car News, Hyundai, Mazda by Admin

The Mazda CX-5 and the Hyundai Tucson will come into 2016 both as well –built highly engaging rides that offer good space and the features needed to be great in the segment the comparison of the two will show you which one is the one you want in order to be the right choice for driving.  When you are looking …

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Has Hyundai Gone Hellcat?

In Car News, Hyundai, Sports Car by Carl Durrek

We know the Hellcat twins to be 707 horsepower monsters that offer massive straight line power under the hood of two classically styled cars that come right out of the muscle car era.  In the style of many other manufacturers Dodge is not the only one that wants to play in this realm but the surprise may be the name …

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Holden, GM and HSV; Together Awesomeness is Made

In Car News, Chevrolet, Offbeat by Nathan Ehinger

Holden is the producer of the Commodore and the Chevrolet SS both of which are gorgeous high powered sedans that give you a lot more than you would expect from a family vehicle.  I have often spoken highly of the SS and shared my wished that Holden would not close shop in 2017 but would instead be allowed to continue …