Is any old car worth saving?

Is Any Old Car Worth Saving

In Classic, Toyota by CQ Livingston

In a world where it feels like nearly every single car that we see on the market is built with a similar style because of the advanced aerodynamics and research dictate a specific style and build it might be time to engage in a little nostalgia. When you think about one of the first cars that you drove when you were younger, the car you chose might have been one of the older models that was considered to be basically a low end and cheap car at the time, but that doesn’t have to stop you from being able to drive and care for one of these older models.

Have you ever thought about using an older model Toyota Corolla as the car you want to restore and turn into one of the fun to drive rebuilt cars that is right for you on the road? While the third generation Corolla you drove on the roads when you were a teenager could be one of the best cars for you to enjoy on the road today. The benefit to upgrading an older model car is the fact that you won’t have to sink a lot of money into it.

One example of upgrading this car is shown in this video. The owner of the 1976 Corolla KE35 that’s features is Romain Saraiva who has made this car his labor of love. He even involved his family in the restoration and uses this simple car for more of the activities that he enjoys on the road and out on the trails. This car has become the place he uses for his bikes and other items that he loves to enjoy out on the trails and in the off road spaces. This once mass produced car is now a family heirloom and one that can be enjoyed and not just looked at.

That’s one of the troubles with some of the older models that are rebuilt and restored. These cars are often put back together and painstakingly rebuilt to be a show car that offers you the look and feel you want to enjoy but these cars are often not used out on the road at all. In fact most of these cars that have been restored are carried on a trailer from show to show and rarely, if ever, driven on the road.

When you have car that’s as simple as the third-generation of the Toyota Corolla you have a car that’s a RWD model from this time period that was considered a simple and economical car at the time. This may not sound like a car that will excite you on the road or be extremely interesting, but it certainly can bay, as evidenced by what you see in the video below. Do you have a car that you loved when you were younger that you might want to enjoy on the road today? Think back to that old Ford Pinto or the Chevrolet Chevette that you could restore and rebuild to be the unique older car that your family will want you to pass on to them.