05.25.17 - Bloodhound SSC

It Takes More than Just a Fast Car

In Racing by Jesseb Shiloh

When you and I want to drive fast the best way for us to accomplish this task is to schedule some track time and have a lot of fun. This may cost a couple hundred dollars and require that we have the proper equipment for the run around the track. When the team of the Bloodhound SSC want to race their top speed car they have to think about more than just a little track time or the need to have the fastest car on the planet before they can head out and show off what their car can do.

The original schedule of the running of the Bloodhound SSC was to take place this year and that plan was to break the 1000 mph barrier but it appears that run will be delayed at least until 2018. There are issues this team must take into account before they can take their rocket shape car out for the amazing run they have planned for it. Because of these issues we’ll have to wait until the summer of 2018 to see this amazing car take off and rocket itself to what will hopefully be a record setting run.

The team has explained what has caused the delates. The first problem is weather related. There aren’t very many places on the planet that are built to handle this car or allow it to race that speed desired. By that same token, the car has been built specifically to run on one particular location to be able to reach the speeds desired. The weather problem involves flooding on the Hakskeen Pan which is the mud and salt flat area in South Africa where the car will make its attempt at racing glory and show of some amazing speed.

The second problem this team is faced with is corporate sponsorship funding. There are new corporate sponsors of the program that are signing on and the funding isn’t in place just yet. This has slowed the pace of development to be at the speed of the funding that’s coming in. Similar to other race teams around the world, the Bloodhound SSC team has to move at the speed of funding as well and that has slowed things down. That doesn’t mean this team will not be present between now and the time of the race, they have some plans that you’ll want to know about.

Between now and the summer of 2018 the Bloodhound SSC team will run some static “tie-down” tests to fire of up the Rolls-Royce EJ200 jet engine that’s being used to power this amazing car. They also hope to run a rolling test on the runway at Newquay Aerohub before heading to South Africa. If all goes as planned and the test happens in the summer of 2018, we’ll see a car travel at 1,000 mph on the salt flats and enjoy what a marvel of engineering, design and power the Bloodhound SSC is.