05.12.17 - Check Engine Light

The Check Engine Light Came On And…

In General by Blaine Traber

Is there something to worry about when the check engine light comes on? Should you have the engine checked right away or can you wait? If your subscribe to the theory of the cast from the popular TV show “The Big Bang Theory” you’ll know you can basically ignore this indicator until the car fails to operate any longer. The problem is, you don’t know when that will happen and what may cause your car to no longer work right for you. Because driving with the check engine light on is a gamble, you need to make sure you do have your engine checked.

Before you take your car to be serviced and reviewed because of the check engine light being on, you need to check something yourself to see if it will fix the problem. There are times that the sensors in your fuel line can cause this indicator light to come on because of a loose gas cap. This means you need to check your gas cap, tighten it, make sure you’ve turned it a few clicks and then drive around for a few miles to see if the light turns off.

If the light turns off, you need to simply make sure you tighten the gas cap properly in the future to ensure the check engine light stays off. If this light continues to be on, it’s time to bring your car in to be serviced at a nearby location to take a look and see what’s wrong with your vehicle.  You may discover that it’s just a run of the mill oil change that you need or that you need New Parts to replace faulty ones.   Either way, the sooner you bring your car in to have the issue resolved, the sooner you’re going to be able to drive away happy and secure in the knowledge that you took care of everything the right way for your car.

What does an illuminated Check Engine light mean? This indicator could mean any number of issues is wrong with your car. There could be a problem with the emissions system, the electronic engine control system, the electronic throttle control, the electronic transmission control system or any number of other items. This light means the onboard computer as received a reading that’s askew of what normally is supposed to occur in your engine. This warning is a way of the car allowing you to know you need to have it looked at and fixed before something worse happens to your car.

The more you drive around with the check engine light on, the more likely you are to damage your vehicle and cause the need of a costly repair that will be difficult to afford. This indicator is a way of the car signaling you for the help it needs. Don’t ignore it and simply think your car will be fine or that you need to worry about something else, your car needs attention only a certified technician can provide. Bring your vehicle to a nearby service center and allow them to take a look and fix what ails your car so that you can continue to drive with the confidence you’re used to.