05.05.17 - Stick Shift

Have You Learned to Drive a Stick Shift?

In Car News by Rocco Penn

A true manual transmission car has three pedals and a stick on the stock or on the floor that you have to shift to drive. These shift paddles and push button ways of making changes in gear in automatic transmission vehicles aren’t the same thing as using a real stick shift to change gears and make the drive you need to. In fact, if you’ve never driving a car with a stick shift and think you can just because you’ve used the paddle shifters once or twice you’re going to be extremely surprised by what you find.

Taking off in a car with a manual transmission with three pedals and a shifter on the floor will cause you to go pretty much nowhere. This is a skill you have to learn and have to master over time in order to be proficient at changing gears and moving the shifter while also dancing on the pedals. In fact, the first time you drive a car with a stick shift you’re more likely to stall out, jerk the car around and go absolutely nowhere than you are to actually get out on the road and make the vehicle move.

Most of us who grew up learning how to drive a stick shift that have actually been taught how to drive one of these vehicles in a way that won’t tear up the engine, the clutch or the transmission, most likely gave our parents headaches and jerked them around in the car while learning to drive. This took all the patience needed for them to sit in the passenger seat and let us tear up the car they used to drive to and from work on a daily basis, but most of our parents endured long enough for us to figure out how to drive these vehicles.

If you’re willing to learn how to drive one of these cars and have the ride you’re looking for while being able to shift your own gears it will take a lot of patience. If you have to teach yourself, you need to have someone with you that can at least drive the car to an empty parking lot so that you can practice and learn how to drive the car you’ve purchased and want to enjoy, but most of all, you have to be patient with yourself to be able to do this right.

Thankfully, there are some entertaining ways to allow you to learn how to drive a stick shift and one group chose to take this instruction and put it to a death metal song to help you have the information you need. Of course a manual transmission is easily the most metal transmission used since it’s what we still associate with high powered performance driving, which makes the instructions being given with the use of the death metal makes perfect sense in the grand scheme of things and might entertain you in the process.

The video below is the death metal stick shift driving instruction you want that can give you a brief lecture to learn how to drive a stick shift. One word of caution, the language and imagery in the lyrics can be a bit graphic, but the message is actually on point and it could be what you need to understand how to drive a stick shift. The most important aspect of driving this type of transmission is to be patient with yourself and learn to care for the car as you drive so that you don’t burn up the important components of your car. Take a look at this video and heed its guided words that can teach you how to drive a stick shift car.