04.03.17 - Pininfarina H600 Concept

A Concept in Elegance

In General by Carl Durrek

There are car companies that cater to a specific part of the automotive market and look to build a car that only that area of the market can truly appreciate. That’s certainly the goal of one particular concept vehicle that showed up at the Geneva Motor Show this year. This concept car is one that’s built to offer those who enjoy the finer things in life a new car to enjoy. While this sounds a lot like the same line that most luxury car brands offer you, this is a new concept that does bring something special that you’ll admire.

This new concept car is called the Pininfarina H600 Concept. This is a collaborative effort between the design house of Pininfarina and Hybrid Kinetic Group which is a Hong Kong based automaker. This car is built to offer the look and feel of a car that offers a person who appreciates the refined details and precious materials that can be enjoyed in an elegant and sophisticated car. The style that is offered in this car is classier than what you’ll see on many other impressive models. This car is a smooth and impressive looking car to enjoy on the road.

The Pininfarina H600 Concept is a car that is bathed in warm gray metallic paint that’s been accented by jeweled inserts with polished aluminum inserts that look great in the hood. These accents then move across the beltline of the car and end in a warm embrace at the rear of this concept model that will give you the look and feel of a car that’s exceptional. On the inside this concept version gives you tons of open space and a lounge style layout that allows you to maximize the comfort you want to enjoy inside a great car. The brown leather upholstery looks perfect in this car and the veneer wood accents finish the loop for you.

Even though we can continue to discuss the look and presence of this new concept, that’s not what separates this car from the rest of the luxury drives on the market. The H600 offers you a new powertrain that uses the next generation system from Hybrid Kinetic Group. This system uses a battery, electric motors, an electric controller and a range extender that’s actually a micro turbine generator. This powertrain makes it possible for this concept to have a range of over 620 miles and a time to reach sixty mph of less than 2.9 seconds while providing you with 800 horsepower that’s delivered to all four wheels of this 4,123 pound beast.

The only thing you need to remember about this car is the fact that it is a concept model and not one that will be offered on the market yet. The H600 will probably not make its way to the market in Europe or China either for some time. Whether there could be an actual production model of this car or not will be seen, but this is a unique and elegant partnership that you’ll certainly enjoy from the show.