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An MDX with the Hybrid Drive You Want

In Acura by Carl Durrek

The Acura MDX is easily one of the most popular three row luxury SUVs on the market with over 50,000 of them sold each year for the past five years. In order to keep things fresh and to see that more from this SUV can be expected and enjoyed a new hybrid powertrain has been developed that has three electric …

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So You Think You Know Your Muscle Cars

In General by Nathan Ehinger

If you’re a fan of the American Muscle cars of the days gone by in the 1960s and early 1970s you might think you know everything there is to know about these cars. This was a time in automotive history when we had cars that were powered by massive V8 engines and had the quality we wanted to enjoy on …

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A Harder Stance on Automation

In Tesla by CQ Livingston

The idea that machines can eventually do nearly everything for us is a bit scary. There was time in human existence you were going to receive enough exercise throughout the day to stay fit and trim but today we exercise for recreation and for many of us, to fight the midsection bulge that comes as a result of invention and …

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2017 Lincoln MKX: Small Size with Big Power

In Lincoln by Blaine Traber

If you haven’t taken a look at what Lincoln has to offer on the road right now, you really should. As a brand that’s been working to distance itself from the Ford brand many of the vehicles that are offered, while being built on the Ford platforms, have added so many amazing features and impressive engines to put Lincoln in …

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As Allies Become Rivals

In General by Jesseb Shiloh

The problem with partnerships in any industry is what happens when these partnerships are dissolved. Now, more than ever, we’re seeing car companies that combine efforts to build features that are meant to improve the quality we enjoy and advance the technology of the industry. One recent example of collaboration is the development of the nine and ten-speed automatic transmissions …

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A Concept in Elegance

In General by Carl Durrek

There are car companies that cater to a specific part of the automotive market and look to build a car that only that area of the market can truly appreciate. That’s certainly the goal of one particular concept vehicle that showed up at the Geneva Motor Show this year. This concept car is one that’s built to offer those who …