03.21.17 - Aston Martin DB11

Excellent Driving Cars

In General by Blaine Traber

Each category of vehicle has something special to offer us, but if you take away the categories and just think about what it means to drive and enjoy the road you’ll find a long list of impressive vehicles that can be great to drive. Some of those may be the ones you would expect to love but others may be a bit of surprise when you get behind the wheel and see what the car has to offer you. Let me suggest several cars you should consider when shopping; these are some of the best driving vehicles on the road today.

Aston Martin DB11Here is a car that is a fitting successor in the long line of DB models from Aston Martin. This one is longer and wider than the former DB9 and it gives you the ride quality you want to enjoy and the power that you’ll love. You can have this car with a massive V12 engine and still feel like its light on the road. Get in and take it for a spin, this is an amazing luxury car from every angle.

Land Rover DefenderWhile the Defender doesn’t carry over to the 2017 model year, this is certainly an impressive SUV that’s worthy of the discussion. With an upright and square style that you’ve grown used to this brute is ready for the road or the trails to give you the luxury interior and performance you want. If you’re looking for a big SUV with the look that comes from decades ago, this is the one for you.

Chevrolet Corvette Grand SportThe Grand Sport is a frankencar that we hope Chevrolet keeps on building. This car is built from the best parts of the rest of the Corvette lineup to give us one car that has everything we want in our Corvette. This is a car you’ll love to race around the track or take for a drive in the country. Its fast and its engaged with the road while being comfortable making it one of the most enjoyable cars to drive.

BMW M2The M2 is the car that you’re giddy to get in and drive. Its quick, it’s decisive and it’s powerful enough to make you have the ride you’ve been after. This is a car that wears its looks extremely well and offers you the sporty luxury coupe feel that you want. Let the M2 loos and you’ll have a track performer that can dart and duck around the rest of the cars on the track. This is a driving machine you need to experience.

Chevrolet Bolt EVAs the newest EV on the market the Bolt offers a longer range and a better price than any other we’ve seen so far. That’s not all this car offers as it has an engaged drive and the comfortable space for you. This EV brings you tons of great features to enjoy on the road and it can be the right model for you to know you’re saving the environment and enjoying a smart and fun car to drive at the same time.

Volvo S90Sometimes you just want your drive to be relaxing and the S90 does just that for you. This car has the system to let you take your eyes off the road for a minute and makes the drive smooth and comfortable inside and out. You’ll love the way this car feels like you’re riding on a cloud above the road as you take it out for the drive you want to enjoy. This is an impressive car that give you exactly what you want; peacefulness.

Mercedes-AMG SL63This sports coupe is sleek, it’s sophisticated and is powerful. You can put the top down and enjoy the quiet ride in the country or you can take this beauty to the track and show the world what Mercedes-AMG really means. You’ll love the elegance and the confidence this car offers you when you take it for a drive. You need to see just how much this car can give you by driving one today.

Honorable Mention: Vans – How do vans make this list? Easily, these vehicles fill a need and give us what’s required for work or for family. The Chrysler Pacifica is the most modern family minivan ever while the Mercedes-Benz Metris and Ram ProMaster offer excellent rides and configurations for the work van that you want. A van can be the right vehicle for what you need to do, and these three offer you an excellent ride at the same time.