03.12.17 - Honda Civic Si

The Honda Civic Si is the Final Piece to the Lineup

In Honda by Carl Durrek

When Honda announced the new Civic Si would join the lineup for 2017 the lineup was completed. The new Si comes in and adds a faster and more powerful model than we’ve had on the market in the past. This car will be the performance vehicle that can be had in Coupe and Sedan form to be included with the regular Sedan, Coupe and Hatchback models as well as the new Type-R to give us a full line of impressive, active and enjoyable vehicles to drive for this new model year.

If you took a look at the prototype that was on display at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November you’ll have seen the Rallye Red Pearl Civic Si Prototype that offers a Factory Performance aero kit, front and rear splitters, a rear spoiler, a center mounted polygonal exhaust, 19-inch high-performance wheels, and tires, all gave you a look at what this car would be for the new model year. This car showed up and showed off to give you a look at the car that would become the finishing touches to the lineup from Honda that would make a huge difference in the performance of the Civic.

That performance comes from the right powertrain and suspension build from under the car. The Civic Si Coupe and Sedan will be powered by a 1.5-liter direct injected turbocharged four-cylinder engine that uses dual variable cam timing that makes the short shifting of the six-speed manual transmission easy to enjoy and make possible. This performance is aided by the active damper system, an active steering system, a limited slip differential and the high-performance tires you’re going to enjoy this new car whether you take it to the track or just drive it on the road.

On the inside, you’ll enjoy the fun of the Si-exclusive sports seats with red stitching and Si logos. There is also a read driver’s TFT meter and red illumination for the audio system. On the floor, you’ll see aluminum sports pedals along with Dry Metal Carbon instrument panel trim to give you the look and feel you’ll love. These features add to the Civic to make a difference in the car and allow you to have a model that falls in between the typical Civic and the Civic Type-R to give you a performance car you can drive on a daily basis.

The Civic was named the North American Car of the Year at the Detroit Auto Show in 2016 and 2017 seems to be off to a stellar beginning as well. This car is one that has been a favorite for a long time and with the addition of the Si to the lineup, there’s a great chance this car will continue to win an impressive award and be one of the most important cars on the road today. If you haven’t checked out the Si yet, it’s time to give this car a look and see if the performance you want is offered in the new 2017 Honda Civic Si.