03.08.17 - Genesis G90

Can the Genesis G90 Compete?

In Genesis by Jesseb Shiloh

This is the question that had to be on the minds of the engineers and designers at Hyundai as they moved the Genesis and the Equus to a new brand and renamed them the G80 and G90. This move came as no surprise but the question of whether or not a brand new Equus that’s been renamed the G90 could compete with the stalwart completion of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7-Series and Lexus LS. Let’s take a look and see why there would be any questions at all regarding the ability of the new G90 to compete with these already impressive models.

Price vs. Options – There’s no denying the G90 has the others beat on price. Even the top model of the G90 is thousands less than the least expensive S-Class from Mercedes-Benz. The only challenge for the G90 in this category is the fact that it comes loaded with features, which is a good thing, but its devoid of many options. Yes, you can choose from different engines and the option of RWD or AWD but there aren’t very many options in a category that’s typically full of options for you to pick and choose what you want on your vehicle.

Comfort and Ride Quality – The G90 has the comfortable position for you to enjoy driving or riding in this vehicle. This is the car used in South Korea as the limousine for the executives of the country which makes it one of the most impressive places to sit and enjoy the ride. On the road you’ll not only love the comfort position the driver’s seat gives you but the soft closing doors the thick seals that help keep out the noise and the ride that’s so soft and smooth you barely ever feel any of the road at all.

Quiet Compared – The G90 is impressive when it comes the quietness of the cabin. This vehicle brings you such a quiet interior that its exactly in line with the much more expensive Mercedes-Benz S550. When driving down the highway the G90 is actually slightly better than the Bez making it a car that’s easy to love when you want a place to enjoy a quiet and serene drive on the highway. Since its as quiet as it is you would think it was heavier than the S550 but the G90 is actually about 140 pounds less than the large Benz.

Acceleration – The 420 horsepower you can have from the V8 offers you the benefit of an impressive acceleration that’s easy and smooth on the road. If you do need to get up to speed quickly you’ll be able to reach sixty mph in as little as 5.3 seconds which is certainly nothing to sneeze at. Out on the highway that passing acceleration is even more enjoyable and certainly more apt to be important to you on the road than just getting up to speed as quick as possible making this a car you can drive for a long time and feel great doing it.

Finally – The question of whether or not this car can compete comes down to a simple approach. If you want to choose every aspect of your car and have tons of options to sort through while gaining the model that’s highly recognized; you need to look at the other brands mentioned. On the other hand, if you want to save money and still have all the features that make a difference in your drive while being pampered in a comfortable and luxurious car the G90 is certainly the ride you want. Yes, this car can compete and should actually be the choice more make when they want to shop smart and not just shop brand appearance.