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Already; a Bespoke Model; Really?

In McLaren by CQ Livingston

The McLaren 720S is the newest model from this highly regarded brand and it replaces the outgoing 650 S that we’ve loved for many years. This new model made its way across the stage in Geneva so that we can see what this new model has to offer us. This is a car that offers some of the most advanced …

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New Looks and a Better off Road Performance

In Subaru by Jesseb Shiloh

One of the signatures of the Subaru lineup has been the dynamic AWD system that’s been part of the lineup with the only exception being the BRZ. With this system in place many of the models from Subaru offer impressive off road capabilities to be able to handle the drive wherever they need to go. Even though this system is …

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Excellent Driving Cars

In General by Blaine Traber

Each category of vehicle has something special to offer us, but if you take away the categories and just think about what it means to drive and enjoy the road you’ll find a long list of impressive vehicles that can be great to drive. Some of those may be the ones you would expect to love but others may be …

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2017 GMC Sierra 2500HD: Big Power; Amazing Equipment

In GMC by Nathan Ehinger

When you’re looking for a great heavy duty truck to get the job done when you’re looking for the right model for the big work that you need to get done you’ll love what the Sierra 2500HD can do for you. This is the truck that has the grunt and the power for every job while also offering you a …

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The Honda Civic Si is the Final Piece to the Lineup

In Honda by Carl Durrek

When Honda announced the new Civic Si would join the lineup for 2017 the lineup was completed. The new Si comes in and adds a faster and more powerful model than we’ve had on the market in the past. This car will be the performance vehicle that can be had in Coupe and Sedan form to be included with the …

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Improving the Hospital Experience for Youngsters

In Rolls-Royce by CQ Livingston

As a parent one of the most frightening events in your life can be if and when your child needs to have surgery. A broken bone here or there is to be expected, a piece of sponge stuck in the ear or nose happens regularly, but surgery that means an organ is being replaced can be one of the most …

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Can the Genesis G90 Compete?

In Genesis by Jesseb Shiloh

This is the question that had to be on the minds of the engineers and designers at Hyundai as they moved the Genesis and the Equus to a new brand and renamed them the G80 and G90. This move came as no surprise but the question of whether or not a brand new Equus that’s been renamed the G90 could …

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2017 Ford Flex: An Everything Vehicle You Didn’t Know Existed

In Ford by Blaine Traber

Do you know about the Ford Flex? Don’t feel bad if you don’t, this is a vehicle that hasn’t been as popular as many other Ford vehicles, but it certainly offers you what you’ll want in a great vehicle that can be the ride drive for you. The Ford Flex is what you get when you combine a station wagon, …

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Jeep is Doing the Production Shuffle

In Jeep by Nathan Ehinger

Jeep continues to be a brand that we trust and know as the most admirable off road brand in the industry but it’s about to undergo some major changes. This brand will have ten assembly plants in place in six countries once the new small one is built in India and starts to build vehicles in May of this year. …