02.18.17 - FCA Dealership at Night

Working Late Doesn’t Stop You from Shopping

In General by Nathan Ehinger

With the working world we live in now more people work longer hours and end up staying later than ever. When you want to shop for a vehicle it almost feels like you need to take a vacation day or wait for the weekend before you can even begin the process. Because buying a vehicle can sometimes be a lengthy process that’s stretched over several days you need to have time to execute the process of buying a vehicle when that opportunity arises, and one company is working to make it easier for you to shop after the sun has gone down for the day and you’re left with only a small amount of time to shop.

FCA has begun its “FCA Bright Initiative” which not only brightens up the dealerships with LED lighting that can use lower wattage to receive brighter lighting, but it also saves dealerships up to fifty percent off the electricity bill they have had in the past. This initiative has already begun in California Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, and Fiat dealerships and is beginning its movement eastward across the US to be added to the 2,600 dealerships that make up the entire network.

Using LED lighting the benefits are amazing both for the customers and the dealership. The lot is brighter the lighting is crisper and customers can see the vehicle clearly without the intrusion of obnoxious shadows that tend to cause problems when shopping at night. This initiative makes it more inviting for dealers to have the bright lighting needed to show off the vehicles on the lot and allow customers to feel comfortable and safe on the lot with their salesperson. This initiative is in a partnership with Revolux LED Solutions and GE Lighting to get the job done the right way.

An additional benefit to this lighting initiative is the fact that dealerships can now reduce the count of the light fixtures by as much as twenty-five percent to have fewer fixtures operating. This is another way these LED lights are aiding in the reduction of the electricity used at each dealership. Every aspect of this program seems to have a positive effect on what the dealerships will experience over the course of the project and into the future. LED lights are also typically able to last longer than typical lighting used for car lots and other outdoor venues that need to be illuminated at night.

FCA wants you to feel comfortable buying your new Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram or Fiat vehicle and knows you need to have the ability to shop at night when the sun has gone down. In order to make this a possibility they have created this “FCA Bright Initiative” which will help make it possible for you to enjoy the shopping experience even when the sun has gone down for the day. If you’re considering a new vehicle you don’t have to wait until the weekend or take a day off work, you can shop after work and feel safe and comfortable on any of the FCA lots in the country.