01.25.17 - Dashcam

Can You Record While Your Car is in the Shop?

In General by CQ Livingston

There are typically two considerations to make when it comes to your vehicle and when you leave it with someone else to be repaired. The first consideration is the fact that you might not be able to record the actions taking place in your vehicle because of the laws present in your state, but, depending upon the interpretation of the law, you might be able to capture the actions taking place in and around your vehicle while its being repaired. Here are some things to keep in mind.

First of all, in order to capture actions taking place in your car when you leave it with the repair shop you need to have a dashboard camera and it needs to be recording. If you have a dashboard camera in place most likely it’s in view of those working in and around your vehicle while it’s in the shop and they won’t take the car out for a joyride, but this is what you want to capture on film, especially if you suspect those at the shop of doing what they shouldn’t in your vehicle.

Of course your car is expected to be driven when you take it in for a repair. That action is easy enough to capture on film and know that it’s part of the normal driving any mechanic shop should be doing. When you instead see is your car being whipped, slammed and driven harder than you could ever imagine because the mechanic wants to see how it will perform and have a lot of fun. This is not allowed when a car is in for a repair and could mean you have a case against the shop for abusing your car on the road.  On top of that you should also make sure your mechanic is using Genuine Parts for your prized possession as well.

When you do install a dash cam in your car and you are recording, you can have all the video you want, but in some states you can’t capture audio unless you are actually present in the conversation. This is called eavesdropping and is considered a felony in most states. Fortunately, if you capture the video and the camera you use has a mute button on it, you’ll have the video you need but not the audio and be able to take the offending party to court to try and capture some restitution for the fact they have chosen to drive your car in a negligent and reckless manner.

While most of us who have a dash cam installed do so to record the fastest laps around the track or the best times from zero to sixty mph, these items come in handy when you turn your keys over to the porter stand at the restaurant or to your mechanic. This item, as long as its recording for you, will help provide you the evidence you need to make sure your car will be protected when out on the road. Check the laws in your state before installing a dash cam, but this item could be the difference between your car being rode hard by your mechanic or porter and you getting restitution because they didn’t realize the item was recording their entire ride. Steve Lehto also has a very in-depth video on the topic on his YouTube channel.