01.16.17 - Toyota Prius C

Upgrading the Prius C

In Toyota by Nathan Ehinger

There is a small hybrid hatchback that roams the streets as the smallest hybrid that Toyota offers us. When you’re looking for a small car that offers you the city performance you want the Toyota Prius C is a great choice for you. This affordable little hatchback is great to drive and now offers you more equipment than you’ve had in the past. If you’ve been considering a new small car to drive in the city you live in, this is one that can give you the ride you want and the equipment you need to enjoy on the road.

The Prius C is one of the most affordable hybrid models on the market and how comes standard with the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS-C) driver assistance suite on all models. This is a system that was an option for two of the models from last year but now comes as part of the package no matter what Prius C you choose. You’ll love the benefits this system brings to you in order to give you the ride you’re looking for and the information that will benefit you while driving your car on the streets of the city you live in.

This Toyota Safety Sense system offers you the benefit of Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Assistance, and Automatic High Beams. You’ll also have the benefit of an improved exterior with a new front fascia, rear bumper, side rocker panels, a blacked out rear spoiler and a gorgeous set of alloy wheels. These upgrades offer you the ride you want and the look that will give you a more attractive car to drive. This version of the Toyota Prius C certainly has the look and feel that you’re after when you want a city car that’s more than just a great ride around town.

The new Prius C is only 158.7 inches long but somehow it offers 35 inches of rear legroom and the cargo space behind the rear seats of 17.1 cubic feet. This design and configuration make the Prius C a car that’s easy for you to take a ride and pick up a few odd shaped items when you need. You’ll also be able to offer your passengers a ride that’s more comfortable than they might think it would be from the rear seat of a tiny car that’s built to live on the small and narrow streets in the city.

The Prius C is powered by a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that uses the Atkinson cycle which is able to improve the efficiency of the car. This engine by itself offers 73 horsepower and 82 lb.-ft. of torque but it’s aided by the hybrid system that helps bring the power up to 99 horsepower while giving you 48 city/43 hwy mpg of fuel mileage to enjoy. These upgrades make the Prius C a hybrid car that’s perfect for the drive you want to enjoy on the road in the city you live in. If you’re ready to step into a great hybrid car with a small footprint, check out this car at your local Toyota dealer.