01.11.17 - Ford GT

One of a Kind Comes with a Price

In Ford by Blaine Traber

When it comes to rare cars there aren’t many that are sold which were only made once. Not only that, there aren’t very many that are sold which are prototypes, making the auction in Scottsdale, AZ that’s being held from January 18-22 one that is interesting. At this auction a car that we love and have admired for years will be up for auction as one that was only built once for obvious reasons. This is the auction in which the first ever operational Ford GT prototype will be sold to the highest bidder.

As one of the first models build for the new production supercar, this Ford GT, which was built in 2003, is actually the fourth in the line of prototypes for the new car, but it’s the first one that was made functional. The three that came before it were made strictly for display purposes but this one can actually be driven. Called CP-1 for Confirmation Prototype 1, this GT has the VIN of 004 and it’s a seriously unique car that was created during some of the initial design phases for this new supercar because of some of the parts that were present and the designers that signed the car.

This Ford GT was built with items such as Mustang airbags, a steering column from a Windstar and other items that were borrowed from other Ford models. The Mustang logo is even present on the steering wheel where the airbag is positioned, making this an extremely unique car to think about purchasing. Another item that’s significant to this model of the car is the carbon fiber rear clamshell which was deleted before the production model due to the high cost of this particular item. There’s no doubt this single car is one of the most significant and most unique that will be placed on the auction block later this month.

The signatures on this car also make a huge impression on anyone who gets to see this gorgeous prototype. Names on the car include those of Bill Ford and Carroll Shelby, making this a car that could have more value than any other at the auction. These names are synonymous with the name of Ford and of the performance models this brand has put out over the past several decades. A car like this will most likely end up as a display piece of pride for the new owner.

It’s a good thing this will most likely be a display piece for one important reason. Unlike the GT40 models that crushed the races at Le Mans in the 1960s this car isn’t going to set any speed records unless one particular item can be reversed. In 2008 a chip was installed in the engine that limits the speed of the car to five mph making it only useful for display purposes. While there’s no word yet as to whether or not this can be reversed, this car certainly will be one of the most popular and most impressive sold at the auction, giving one lucky owner a car that is certainly one of a kind.