01.10.17 - Chevrolet Bolt

A Concern, but a Small One for the Chevrolet Bolt

In Chevrolet by Rocco Penn

The Bolt is the new EV model that’s offered by Chevrolet to give you the range you want and the all-electric driving you’re looking for. This is the first of the affordable EV models to make it to the market ahead of the Tesla Model 3 that won’t be offered until either later this year or the early part of next year. This new Bolt is certainly exciting, but does have one small concern you should be aware of before you purchase the Bolt as the car you trust to be the ride you want to enjoy.

The owner’s manual of the Chevrolet Bolt tells you the battery could degrade between ten and forty percent during the warranty period. For most vehicles this could be a serious concern because the normal warranty period is only three years or 36,000 miles but for the Bolt the warranty period is eight years or 100,000 miles . this lengthy warranty period makes it easier for you to enjoy the full battery capacity of the Bolt for much longer than you might have thought, but for those of you new to EV models, this may come as a shock to your system.

There’s really no reason for you shouldn’t expect some form of deterioration in a battery powered vehicle. These vehicles, much the same as our cell phones are powered by a battery that has a shorter charge life after a longer time of use. The longer you have a rechargeable battery and the more times you charge it the more the battery is going to deteriorate. With the Chevrolet Bolt EV model you can expect the battery to be charged on a daily basis and this reduced range is something that’s expected to be experienced.

This means the Chevrolet Bolt that starts out with a range of 238 miles on a single charge could lose enough to reach as low as 143 miles of range at the eight year mark, or in a worst case scenario the range would reduce down to 95.2 miles of range on the Bolt. This expected deterioration is what you’ll see if you buy the Bolt, but not until it reaches the end of the warranty period. If you buy this vehicle and you happen to experience a lower range than you did when you started you can bring it in and have it checked by a service team to see if its losing power too quickly.

This EV will also charge at a rate of eighty kilowatts on a DC fast-charging system. This means the battery pack can recharge to ninety miles of range in only thirty minutes. It depends upon how much charge you need to have on your Bolt each day to determine how much charge you should expect to add to the car throughout the day and at night. This car will be the first example of an affordable long range EV for us to enjoy, with the Bolt you’ll be able to drive for as long as you need to in order to have the ride you’re looking for in an EV model. You shouldn’t worry about the range depletion, ever EV will experience this difference in the drive over the time in service.