01.03.17 - Taipei Skyline

Wrong on So Many Levels

In Offbeat by Rocco Penn

We’ve heard of the horror stories that can happen to vegetables that are being imported that the customs agents don’t trust in some countries including our own. In these stories the way to avoid having those items become part of the product sold is simple; perishable items eventually deteriorate and aren’t any good, leaving nothing to the discussion. All a customs agent would have to do is leave the product on the dock long enough for it to spoil. Unfortunately that’s not a possibility with machinery, especially vehicles and something else must be done about vehicles that enter a country illegally.

In the US an import model has to be at least 25 years old before they can legally come into this country. This allows time for the vehicle to be part of the home market and for some of these vehicles to be reviewed by our own authorities. Even though this is the law, there have been some cars entering the country illegally for years and when these vehicles are found we actually do dismantle them in much the same way as the vehicle being dismantled in the video below was done.

What makes this vehicle so special that it had to be caught on tape? The vehicle that’s being torn apart is one of the most sought after supercars on the planet; the Lamborghini Murcielago. The actual circumstances surrounding why this vehicle was destroyed is unclear except for the fact that this car isn’t allowed to be imported into Taiwan, where it was destroyed. As you can see from the lengthy video, the team tearing apart this car did a thorough job of destroying it so it couldn’t easily be put back together again. It makes me wonder why the owner imported it in the first place.

When a vehicle is imported there are certain taxes and fees that must be paid and some vehicles aren’t allowed in a country at all. This happened to be a case where the unfortunate owner of this vehicle is certainly the victim because his beloved and rare car is now destroyed, never to be put back together again. What would you do if this was your vehicle that was torn apart by these giant claws of death that were sent to tear it apart at the import location?