01.03.17 - PIMOT FUNTER

This SUV Advancement is Needed Now

In Car News by Blaine Traber

Most of the off road vehicles on the market today offer us a wide array of advanced technology that will make it possible for you to go wherever you need to go. These features include large beefy tires, improved suspension systems with independent suspension being the best, a higher ground clearance than most vehicles and the equipment to get the job done. Thankfully, over time off road systems have advanced greatly to make it easier than ever for even a novice to master the capabilities in the outdoors and create the right way to get into and out of many areas.

While the most admired off road brands on the market today are Jeep and Land Rover, there may be a new model that could become a brand of vehicle that could best both of these. In Poland, the Polish Engineers of the Automotive Industry Institute (PIMOT) got together and created a vehicle that’s able to do more than any other off road machine has done in the past. This vehicle’s name is FUNTER and while we’re not sure what FUNTER stands for, the performance of this impressive machine is something you really must see.

This brute does have the off road features we admire and it looks like a more than capable vehicle before it even gets going, but it has a lot more working for it than just the fact that it’s an impressive off road machine. This beast is meant to be able to handle extreme off road situations and by the looks of what it can do, that’s certainly the case.

FUNTER is equipped with something new, not just another 4WD mode, but four-wheel steering that is set up to make it possible for this SUV to turn each axle individually during the steering of the vehicle. This means it can offer not only the advantages of the four opposable wheels that are impressive, but it can turn the rear wheels independent of the front ones and get out of tight spaces with ease. This is certainly a huge advancement in the world of off road capability and could be a life saver for so many that get stuck, end up in a tight spot or just need a vehicle that can rotate around so they can go the other way, but must do so in an extremely small circle.

While FUNTER is currently only a cool idea that we can check out in this video, I can think of many applications of this technology that could be used for a variety of driving needs. Not only would this be great in our off road vehicles, but imagine a sports car going around the track with this driving system that could help it huge the inside of every curve to make it possible to run faster laps. This could even rid us of the need for drifting altogether if we can simple turn the wheels and steer our way across the road.