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Creating the Challenger Shakedown for SEMA

In Dodge by Lauren Gailli

While the SEMA show is certainly well behind us now, one car that was brought to the show which captured our attention and continues to give us something special to think about is the Dodge Challenger Shakedown Concept that was present. This is a car that brings in the nostalgia and the modernization to be a model that you can …

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2017 Dodge Charger: A Heart Stopping Family Sedan

In Dodge by Carl Durrek

If you’re looking for excitement but you know you need to have a vehicle that fits the entire family you can look to one car to provide you the best of both worlds. The Dodge Charger has become the four-door sibling to the exciting Challenger and the Charger may be a bit more civilized and practical, but it’s also practically …

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How Can You Transform a Minivan?

In Chrysler by Jesseb Shiloh

The minivan model that has been around since the 1980s is one that hasn’t gotten enough praise from the automotive industry. These people movers have always been geared toward the family and moving everyone from one place to another only to be surpassed by the SUVs of today. The admiration of the minivan model should be one that shows us …

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Look Out Midsized Truck Market

In GMC by Jesseb Shiloh

If I were an automaker and had a midsized truck in my lineup, I’d be shaking in my shoes right about now. Recently GM announced they will be expanding the GMC Canyon lineup to be even more of what we want from this truck market by capitalizing on an already impressive year over year sales increase. The Canyon is going …

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Can You Record While Your Car is in the Shop?

In General by CQ Livingston

There are typically two considerations to make when it comes to your vehicle and when you leave it with someone else to be repaired. The first consideration is the fact that you might not be able to record the actions taking place in your vehicle because of the laws present in your state, but, depending upon the interpretation of the …

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Did Another Company Cheat on Emissions?

In Chrysler, Fiat by Nathan Ehinger

Let’s face the fact that until September of 2015 the EPA provided what amounted to an open book test when it came to emissions testing. Vehicles were tested under only specific conditions and when hooked up to particular machinery, which means any company that could create a device that would turn on all the emissions control systems during testing but …

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2017 Hyundai Accent: Serious Value with Impressive Equipment

In Hyundai by Blaine Traber

For many years one of the most impressive selling features of the Hyundai lineup has been the long warranty on the power train. This ten-year/100,000 miles warranty has been offered across the lineup and given us what we want to enjoy on the road when it comes to peace of mind, but what if you still need more value? This …

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2017 Infiniti Q70: Large Performance Luxury that’s Fun to Drive

In Infiniti by Nathan Ehinger

Sometimes the trade-off to drive a large sedan is a serious lack of performance. You often have to take the comfort you want of a larger vehicle and give up agility and maneuverability to have this comfort. That’s not the case at all when it comes to the Infiniti Q70 and what it brings to the market for you to …

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Budget Friendly Cars for You

In General by Jesseb Shiloh

Price is almost always a factor when you purchase a new vehicle. The only time the price doesn’t matter to you is when someone else is buying the vehicle for you or when you have recently won the lottery and feel like you have money to throw around. Since these two events don’t happen often for any of us, the …

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If You Drive Slow, Stay to the Right

In General by Carl Durrek

While driving in the right lane may seem like the place where most drivers happen to be, if you think you’re going to cruise along at or below the speed limit in the left lane and not bother anyone, you’re sadly mistaken. The reality is you are getting in the way of many other drivers on the road when you …