12.30.16 - Mitsubishi Headquarters

And You Thought They Would Go Out of Business

In Mitsubishi by CQ Livingston

When you hear the Mitsubishi name in the US your eyes will probably immediately roll. The thought of wondering if they still make cars and how they manage to stay in business comes to mind. You might even have thoughts about the fuel mileage scandal that cost this brand a ton of money and forced them to sell a controlling part of Mitsubishi Motors to Nissan, but the reality is, Mitsubishi is one of the most successful organizations in the world. This seems impossible, but there are several other parts to this organization.

Bank of Tokyo – Yes, the largest bank in Japan is part of Mitsubishi. In fact, Mitsubishi alone is responsible for a full ten percent of the overall GDP of Japan, making it one of the most important organizations in the country. Just because selling cars in North America no longer seems like a good idea doesn’t mean this company won’t thrive in its home country.

Nikon – This global camera and lens maker is part of the Mitsubishi business group. You’ve obviously heard of Nikon cameras and maybe you’ve even owned one or two. In addition to making great cameras, Nikon also makes glass for binoculars, microscopes and is part of the semiconductor fabrication in Japan.

Kirin – Kirin is a brand of beer that’s part of the Mitsubishi business group. This beer company produces and distributes beer, drinks and food and has been around since 1888. This company has a few import brands under its umbrella including the Four Roses Whiskey brand that’s produces in the US.

Ships – Ships that cross the oceans around us are part of what Mitsubishi produces. This company has made cruise ships in the past and also produces car carriers, gas carriers and patrol boats. This is all part of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries which makes these ships and is one of the largest parts of the entire organization.

Airplanes – The Mitsubishi brand has its mark on the Boeing name by making the wings of the 787 Dreamliner for the brand. They have also recently completed their own regional jet and it completed its successful test flight last year. This is a new venture for Mitsubishi, but they are set to build more than 200 airplanes that will be used starting in 2018.

Space – Yes, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has sent satellites into space and provided support to the International Space Station to help in joint efforts. This is a small but extremely important part of what Mitsubishi does for Japan and the world market.

Trucks – There are commercial trucks from Mitsubishi to haul materials wherever they need to go. This brand is named Fuso and Daimler AG does own nearly ninety percent of the brand but it’s still a large part of what Mitsubishi does and is able to produce. This partnership with Daimler helps to develop technologies for both companies.

Power Plants – This company is known for building some of the best gas turbines in the world and provides these machines to power plants around the world. They also build controls for nuclear power plants and have started venturing into wind turbines and solar panels to be on the cutting edge of power production.

Electronics – This company builds commercial electronics and consumer models. These include televisions, air conditioners and heaters to name a few and help to provide the comfort and entertainment to the markets that purchase form them. Mitsubishi is one of the most respected names when it comes to heating and cooling in Japan.

Don’t feel sorry because it seems the three diamond brand won’t last long and certainly you shouldn’t expect them to give up. With their new partnership with Nissan there is a chance for Mitsubishi motors to make a comeback in the US, it might take while for that to happen though. Obviously if the heads of this corporation feel selling cars in North America can continue to be profitable they will add more money and investment into this program in the future.