12.28.16 - Chevrolet Equinox

The New Equinox will Deliver on the Promise of Everything

In Chevrolet by Carl Durrek

When you’re shopping for a great new small SUV to drive the Equinox has been one of the models we love to have on the road that brings us the equipment we’re looking for. Over the past few years of learning what customers want when it comes to the crossover SUVs they drive the consistent answer has been; everything. The new Equinox will be able to deliver on the everything desired and give you the price that makes this an easily affordable SUV for you to drive and enjoy on the road.

For starters, this new 2018 model, which will be offered early in the spring of 2017, will come to you at a starting price of $24,475. It will carry a fresh new look and have the technological advancements that make a huge difference in the driving experience for you. Not only will you be able to enjoy the ride even more than before, but now you can also have the equipment you want for your passengers to feel like the vehicle has been built with them in mind as well, making the Equinox a great choice when you have to travel with your family or want to take a few friends along for the ride.

There will be three turbocharged engines under the hood of the Equinox including a turbocharged diesel engine to be the first in this class of SUV. The base engine offered will be a 1.5-liter which will be offered when the new model launches, next will be the 2.0-liter diesel which will come along in the second quarter of next year. This diesel model will make use of the new nine-speed automatic transmission that will be offered on man FWD vehicles for the future of Chevrolet vehicles.

The new Equinox will be offered in four trims, L, LS, LT and Premier and be setup with either FWD or AWD packages. The connectivity you’ll enjoy will come from the MyLink infotainment systems that is capable of supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto while bringing you the availability of OnStar and the 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot to make sure you and your passengers can be connected wherever you need to go. The screen for the infotainment system is a standard seven-inch version or an optional eight-inch layout to give you the look and feel you want to enjoy from your new Equinox.

As you would expect, the safety features of the Equinox have been improved upon to bring you the new Safety Alert Seat, a new Surround Vision system, forward collision alerts with following distance indicators, low speed forward automatic braking, lane keeping assist with lane departure warnings, lane change alerts with blind zone alerts and rear cross traffic alerts. This new Equinox will also bring you the Rear Seat Reminder system to make sure you don’t leave a sleeping youngster in the rear seat when you exit and it will be offered with Teen Driver as well to make it easy for you to monitor and limit your teen while on the road.

This new version of the Chevrolet Equinox checks off all the boxes for you and makes it easier than ever for you to enjoy an affordable and exciting ride in an SUV that’s built right and has everything you need for the drive. Come check out this new SUV and see what it has to offer you when you’re looking for a great way to have the ride you want and the equipment that will make a huge difference for you on the road.