12.12.16 - FordPass

The Mobility Name is Making Parking Easier

In Ford by Blaine Traber

Ford is taking great strides in becoming the mobility company of choice for many of us. By partnering for ride sharing programs around the country and offering a variety of new vehicles, which are currently in research mode but will soon be on the market, Ford is working hard to change the landscape of mobility and make it much easier for everyone to get where they need to go on time. One of the ways Ford is improving the mobility aspect of their programs is through an app that allows you to find the parking you need in and around a city.

What’s one of the most frustrating and difficult challenges when going to a highly popular event? If you answered “finding parking” you’d be accurate and with the new Ford app you can avoid the hassle of looking for parking and finding out that some parking decks are full, only to need to go to the next one that’s farther away from the event. While going to an event may only happen once in a while, those who spend time going to work or school typically spend a great deal of time looking for parking before they find it.

The numbers are actually staggering when you consider the need to find parking for work or school can take up fourteen minutes per day and looking for parking when running errands will take as much as twelve minutes on an average day. Over the course of a five day week this is over an hour of time spent just looking for a place to park, which makes having an assigned spot a serious benefit, but if you don’t have an assigned spot, Ford has the answer that’s right for you.

With the newest version of FordPass you can see the supported nearby parking areas to where you need to go. Currently this app is supported in over 160 cities in the US which gives you the ability to save time and have parking ready for you. by making use of FordPass you can easily find the parking, compare pricing, reserve your parking and pay for it by using the FordPay online wallet. This makes it easy to have parking ready for you and the app is updated in real time to ensure you won’t get bumped out of a spot or arrive and find the parking deck was full before you got there.

If you find you have a parking area you like more than others you can bookmark your favorite spots on the FordPass app and have it readily available for you to use time and again. One of the biggest benefits to this mobility improvement is the fact you don’t have to own a Ford vehicle to use it, it works for anyone with a smartphone and it’s a free app. As Ford becomes the mobility leaders, they know you need a place to park your Ford Focus and with FordPass you’ll always find the parking you need.