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Adding to the Distraction of Drivers; Let’s Don’t

In General by Nathan Ehinger

There have been rumors swirling in some states that have drivers concerned they are going to be ticketed for driving even one mph over the posted speed limit. While police officers are well within their rights to ticket even for this small infraction, it makes much more sense to monitor the flow of traffic and as long as it’s moving …

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And You Thought They Would Go Out of Business

In Mitsubishi by CQ Livingston

When you hear the Mitsubishi name in the US your eyes will probably immediately roll. The thought of wondering if they still make cars and how they manage to stay in business comes to mind. You might even have thoughts about the fuel mileage scandal that cost this brand a ton of money and forced them to sell a controlling …

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The New Equinox will Deliver on the Promise of Everything

In Chevrolet by Carl Durrek

When you’re shopping for a great new small SUV to drive the Equinox has been one of the models we love to have on the road that brings us the equipment we’re looking for. Over the past few years of learning what customers want when it comes to the crossover SUVs they drive the consistent answer has been; everything. The …

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The Fun Ride from the new “N” Sub-Brand from Hyundai

In Hyundai by Lauren Gailli

Hyundai has chosen to build performance machines off the basis of what they already have to offer us. While we love the Accent, Elantra and Sonata when we want a great car to drive which is fun on the road, these cars aren’t exactly sporting the goods to head out to the track and take on the rest of the …

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2017 Kia Sedona: A Value Packed Minivan

In Kia by Rocco Penn

The minivan class has come a long way over the years. From the bullet shaped vehicles we saw from GM to the exciting and favorite models of the Dodge and Chrysler models we’ve seen the transitions that have made a huge difference over time. Now more than ever, a minivan has to do more than just haul people, it has …

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Desperate Times

In General by Blaine Traber

The old saying “Desperate times call for desperate measures” is meant to motivate us when things get tough and it feels as if all the chips are down and the world is against us. When you’re backs against the wall and you have to fight your way to the next step or to come up out of the bottom of …

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2017 Mercedes-Benz CLS: Look to the Original

In Mercedes by Nathan Ehinger

The four-door coupe idea came from Mercedes-Benz in the CLS and it’s been copied by many other companies in the market to bring us vehicles that have the raked rear of the roofline and the four doors we need. While many other companies have tried to copy this idea the fact remains that the four-door coupe originated at Mercedes-Benz and …

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Bucking the Trend

In General by Carl Durrek

There are several trends that happen in the world around us and many of us are more than happy to fall in line and follow along with exactly what we want to be able to drive. We love to have the latest smartphone to use, the clothing that’s in style, although this seems to be a circular trend, and we …

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You Think You Know; But You Don’t Know

In General by CQ Livingston

As much as the headline sounds like a challenge from a teenager who forgot you were one once, the reality is you might not know how to properly change your oil or have the tools needed to get the job done the right way. There are specifications you should adhere to in order to make sure your oil is changed …

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Shop for These Models When You Want to Save

In General by Lauren Gailli

What’s one area of your budget you’d love to save money on? Actually, we’d like to save money in all areas of our budget, but when it comes to the cost of insurance, we’re looking to have the lowest rates possible for the coverage we need. Statistically, most of us don’t get into very many accidents, which mean we’re paying …