11.28.16 - Mercedes-Benz AMG G63

Is the G-Class Going for More Performance?

In Mercedes by Jesseb Shiloh

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is one of the most iconic vehicles on the road and out in the wilderness today. This is the vehicle that says “I can have fun outdoors and still be classy” while being one of the most impressive vehicles anywhere. This is a big luxury SUV that has never made any apologies for being the amazing brute that it is, but maybe Mercedes-Benz is looking to see this beast become more of a performance model than ever before. While there has always been interest and plenty who want to enjoy this SUV, there can always be a way to make it better.

The new Mercedes-AMG G63 has been spied testing and the G-Class was testing earlier in the year. This big beast appears to be heading in the direction of losing some weight. That seems like it could be a bit of a turn form what the G-Class normally is. In fact, this SUV has been built on as many as six wheels underneath to be one of the largest and most brutish models ever built. Even though we’ve enjoyed this model being the bully, it may be time for it to have the performance you need on the road as well.

The new models are rumored to be losing as much as 881 pounds from the previous model and both of them are wider than the current models. A wider and lighter build will make this SUV more stable on the road and give us a version of the G-Class that’s less likely to tip over than anything we’ve had before. The question may be not as much about the weight, the performance or the width, but might be about the style and whether or not it will stand the test of a change.

The G-Class that has been spied on the test tracks is extremely recognizable. This SUV looks the same as before with the high sides and the boxy build that we’re used to seeing from this vehicle. This look has been around for nearly forty years and appears to be what we’ll continue to see with all the changes happening around weight savings, width and interior class to give this brute more of what we already love to enjoy on this SUV. These changes will make this rugged beauty more of what we love to enjoy and what we want to see.

Currently the G-Class and AMG version are built in Austria by Magna Steyr and they are expected to continue to build these two amazing models of the most impressive SUV on the road today. The new G-Class will most likely make an appearance as a 2018 model and be just as impressive as it has been for so many years. With small improvements you can see the G-Class and AMG version continue to be two of the most admired vehicles to find their way to the roads and trails around the world, tackling everything in its path.