11.08.16 - 2016 Rolls-Royce Phantom

New Model Year Sees the Deletion of Several Models (Part 2)

In Car News by Rocco Penn

As the second part of this installment (click here to view the first part), here are more models that will no longer be part of our automotive lineup for 2017.

Dodge Viper – This raw and amazing high powered beast will finally say goodbye to the lineup for good this year. Yes, there will be a short run of limited-edition models that are built, Dodge would be remiss if they didn’t do that for the Viper, but it will be gone from the market and probably not come back again.

Honda CR-Z – This car seemed to be doomed from the start. It was supposed to be an economy car, but it struggled against other hybrids. It was supposed to be fun to drive, but there were and are others with much better overall driving dynamics. This car hasn’t caught on and Honda hasn’t spent a lot of time trying to convince us to buy it anymore which allows it to be sent off to oblivion after a short time on the market.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe – Here we see a story of success for a car and a brand. The Genesis model has been so successful for Hyundai that the brand final decided to make a luxury brand and use the Genesis name. Now we will have a lineup of new luxury models from this new brand that will allow us to get used to a new name, but we will no longer have the Genesis Coupe from Hyundai.

Hyundai EquusBecause Hyundai is now going to have a luxury brand called Genesis, the Equus, which is a large luxury sedan with a strong 5.0-liter V8 engine which can provide 429 horsepower, will become part of that new Genesis lineup and be called the new G90 sedan. This is a story of success and not one of a model that didn’t work. We now see a great new lineup and our first Korean luxury brand that will be part of the US market.

Jeep Patriot – In a lineup that already has another compact SUV to drive, the Compass, the Patriot did attract some shoppers, but wasn’t quite the sales leader that you would expect it to be. The Compass will be remade and new for 2017 and carry on some of the features that the Patriot had which made it popular while also offering other items that we’ve admired about the Compass, giving us one great small SUV from Jeep instead of two.

Lincoln MKS – The MKS was the flagship of the lineup for a few years for Lincoln and brought in some new design elements and comfort that made it easy for us to admire and enjoy this car. The MKS is going to be replaced in 2017 by a name that has been gone from Lincoln for some time now, but is one of the most admired in the market, the Continental. This new car will be full of luxury features and offers us what we want for the drive, making it easy for us to forget the MKS ever existed.

Rolls-Royce Phantom – The Phantom has been part of the Rolls-Royce lineup for the past thirteen years and is about to be gone form the lineup. This car is the large and high class model that we think of when we hear the Rolls-Royce name, but smaller and more active vehicles are being bought up more often, even from the top automaker in the world. This car will live on as only a limousine though and it will be a car that will still carry the elite rich of the world, but no longer be offered as a Coupe or Drophead Coupe.

Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid – The Crosstrek isn’t long for this world as slow and underpowered machine and the Hybrid version is to be gone at the end of this year. This isn’t a hybrid that gives us hybrid fuel numbers and is better off not being sold than forcing dealers to try and believe in what it’s not.

Volkswagen Eos – The Eos was thought to be dead last year, but made a run and was sold for 2016, but finally, after ten years on the market this car will no longer be offered. It doesn’t really fit into what Volkswagen is moving forward, but it was certainly an n attractive and enjoyable vehicle.

Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid – Even though Volkswagen has gotten rid of their diesel engines, they are also getting rid of this hybrid mostly as a result of the lowered gas prices. I’m actually surprised that we don’t have more hybrids being pulled off the market with gas prices where they are.

Volvo S80 – The final vehicle on our list, this large sedan is being replaced by the new S90 and will no longer be offered on the market at all. This is the case for the SUVs as well from this brand.