10.21.16 - Amazon Echo

Ford Brings Amazon to Their Lineup

In Ford by Rocco Penn

Amazon isn’t just for shopping and shipping anymore. The company has expanded into the personal automated assistant phase and gives us Alexa which is the system that can help you control a variety of items around your home from the HVAC system to the integrated stereo and even the lawn sprinkler system of your house. This integrated digital assistant has become more popular with homeowners and now Ford is bringing it to many of the vehicles in their lineup to give you an item that makes a huge difference in your lifestyle when you have Alexa and a Ford working together.

Right now if you search for deals on vehicles using Alexa as your personal shopping assistant you’ll hear about the deals on the Ford Focus Electric, Fusion Energi and Fusion C-Max Energi because of this partnership and these are the first cars in the fleet that will offer the integration with Alexa to give owners the use of the digital assistant to allow them to have a fantastic way to connect to their home and to shop on Amazon right from their car as they drive down the road. This system will be accessed using the voice recognition button on the steering wheel to make it simpler and safer to use than other interfaces.

When this integration takes place the Ford owners who have Alexa installed will be able to use their voice recognition system to adjust the temperature of their home, check on the home security system or turn on the lights in specific areas all from the convenience of the car. This makes it easier to have the home ready for you to arrive and be able to make your HVAC system more efficient than it would be if you didn’t have this type of access.

Of course this integration isn’t just a one way street with the car being able to control the house, by using an Echo device owner can also have access to specific features of their cars to have a more comfortable and convenient ownership of the cars as well. This feature will allow cars to be started, doors to be locked or unlocked and even the range of charge left in the batteries to be checked in order to keep owners informed of the status of their vehicle. You can even update a shopping list, receive weather reports, review a calendar of appointments or have the music ready to listen to in the car.

Yes, this integration does require some protection to help avoid hacking and being vulnerable. In order to provide this for these vehicles you have to input a password to the car or to the home system before it can be used. Currently this Alexa integration is only slated for the plug-in vehicles, but it will be brought to many more models in the future staring next year. The future of integration is here in the form of the Amazon Alexa system which makes your world more connected and convenient for you.