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Changing the Pollution in London

In General by Lauren Gailli

You may think of London as the home to a proper British population that enjoys some of the most historic buildings and monuments in the world, but this city is fraught with the same challenges that any other large city faces. The fact is London may even have it worse in some ways because this city has been around much …

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2017 Buick Envision: Completing the Lineup

In Buick by CQ Livingston

The Buick Envision was new on the market for the 2016 model year and was even a late arrival to the US market. This is the first Buick SUV that’s built in China, where Buick reigns supreme. Because of that late arrive for the previous model year this SUV was not offered with a full lineup of trims to be …

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Do You Want a Humvee?

In General by Carl Durrek

The Humvee has been the iconic military truck for over thirty years which can go anywhere and drive in four-wheel drive over the terrain while even changing the landscape whenever possible. The Humvee is one of the most recognized vehicles in the world and stands for military toughness and American grit. These vehicles have been outfitted in a variety of …

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Do We Want More from the Fiat 500?

In Fiat by Nathan Ehinger

Fiat has made a move we don’t see very often and they’ve chosen to make this change on the new Fiat 500 lineup. For those of us looking for a new 500 model of our own this is a change that will make a huge difference and allow us to enjoy some great new features on the car at better …

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What Does the RF Stand For?

In Mazda by Lauren Gailli

Mazda has created a new model for the 2017 model year and it will be part of the fun to drive MX-5 Miata lineup. This new model is the RF version of the car and knowing what the RF stands for on this car is only part of the interesting new details for this new model. As a car that’s …

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2017 Subaru BRZ: A Subaru Anomaly

In Subaru by Jesseb Shiloh

When Subaru was handing out AWD systems somehow the BRZ was left out of the mix. Whether this car wasn’t invited to that party because it’s the ugly duckling of the bunch or Subaru simply ran out of AWD systems and said “tough luck” is hard to understand, but the result is actually magnificent. Like the ugly duckling, as the …

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Ford Brings Amazon to Their Lineup

In Ford by Rocco Penn

Amazon isn’t just for shopping and shipping anymore. The company has expanded into the personal automated assistant phase and gives us Alexa which is the system that can help you control a variety of items around your home from the HVAC system to the integrated stereo and even the lawn sprinkler system of your house. This integrated digital assistant has …

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2017 Nissan Versa: The Low Price You Need

In Nissan by Blaine Traber

Let’s face it, some car shoppers just have to shop at the lowest price vehicles on the market and it’s important that these vehicles still offer some comforts and driving dynamics that make them more enjoyable than a stripped out car used to be. The Nissan Versa is a fantastic example of a car that doesn’t have a lot to …

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The Choice at the Top of the British Luxury Market

In Aston Martin by CQ Livingston

When you think of British luxury models what names come to mind? If Aston Martin and Rolls-Royce aren’t on the list you need to go back and think about the automakers from Britain that make a greater impact than these two. One is the brand chosen by the most famous spy in the movie industry in James Bond and the …

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Paris Motor Show Concepts that Dazzled

In General by Jesseb Shiloh

When you think of a day out in Paris you might think of a romantic walk with the Eiffel Tower in the background or a visit to some of the most historic museums and sights in the world, but what you typically don’t think of is amazing automotive presentation on a stage that gives us a look at the future …